Legislative Updates – New Bills

The Government of Manitoba recently introduced the following bills:

Third Session, Forty-First Legislature

Bill 3: The Canadian Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Labour Mobility Act and Regulated Health Professions Act Amended)

This Bill makes administrative amendments to The Labour Mobility Act and The Regulated Health Professions Act to reflect that the Government of Manitoba and the governments of Canada and the other provinces and territories have agreed to a new domestic trade agreement, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.

Bill 4: The Legislative Assembly Amendment Act (Member Changing Parties) 

This Bill repeals the provision of The Legislative Assembly Act that requires a Member of the Assembly elected as a member of a political party to sit as an independent if they cease to belong to that party.

Bill 7:  The Sustainable Watersheds Act (Various Acts Amended) 

This Bill amends four Acts. The amendments primarily deal with improving water management in Manitoba.

Bill 8: The Government Notices Modernization Act (Various Acts Amended) 

Part 1 of this Bill amends The Queen’s Printer Act to establish the deputy minister of the department that administers the Act as the Queen’s Printer and to require the Queen’s Printer to make The Manitoba Gazette, an official government publication, available to the public online at no cost.

Part 2 of this Bill amends provisions in 24 statutes that relate to the government’s publication of official notices. These amendments remove references to printed “issues” of The Manitoba Gazette so that it may be published online. Several requirements to publish a notice or document in a newspaper are replaced with the requirement or option of publishing it in The Manitoba Gazette.

Bill 9: The Community Child Care Standards Amendment Act (Enhanced Powers Respecting Governance and Accountability) 

This Bill amends The Community Child Care Standards Act. The provincial director is given new powers for addressing financial, operational or governance-related problems at a child care facility.

The renewal period for a licence for a child care facility is increased from one year to three years. The government now has the authority to recover child care subsidies provided to parents in error or on the basis of false information.

Existing wording in the Act is modernized and clarified.

Bill 10: The Boards, Committees, Councils and Commissions Streamlining Act (Various Acts Amended or Repealed)

This Bill amends various Acts and repeals others in order to consolidate or eliminate a number of boards, committees, councils and commissions or reduce their size.

Bill 11: The Safe and Responsible Retailing of Cannibis Act (Liquor and Gaming Control Act and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Act Amended)

This Bill  amendsThe Liquor and Gaming Control Act and The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Act to authorize and regulate the retail sale of cannabis in Manitoba when such sales are permitted by the federal government.

There are also several Private Members’ Bills that have been introduced.

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