Nov 03 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

CANLIF InFocus Compliance Series (Financial Services) – Buy-Side: How can organizations define, develop and implement an effective compliance strategy?

The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum is producing an online series on risk and the evolving role of the compliance function in financial institutions. In a complex operating environment, these institutions are facing a myriad of risks: everything from changing market realities, regulation and cyber-resilience. As a critical line of defence, it falls upon the compliance function to assess these risks and create robust strategies to manage them.

In part one of our two part series, our speakers will provide practitioner views on how to define, develop and implement an effective compliance strategy across the lines of defence on the buy-side of financial institutions. They’ll review the current key drivers of operational, market and regulatory risk and how compliance groups are responding in kind. And, they will provide the audience with practical insights on how to get started or refine an existing compliance strategy.

Highlights will include:
– How can a holistic approach be developed for a pan-organizational compliance strategy to help break out of the silo trap? How can compliance risks facing organizations be assessed?
– Determining applicable use cases and matching them with the right technology.
– Building the right team to implement an effective compliance strategy.

Developing a conduct and compliance-focused culture, with clear accountabilities, across the organization.

Contemporary challenges facing the buy-side and common approaches to them:
> Navigating evolutions in sales practices
> Alternative investments – best practices monitoring portfolios composed of alternative investments
> Emerging risks – what are the emerging risks for buy-side compliance professionals on the horizon and how can they address them?

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