Manitoba Government to create new Family Resolution Service

The government of Manitoba has announced that they will be launching the first phase of a family law service that will ensure services are more accessible and affordable to Manitobans.

The news release posted here lists new features for families that include:

  • early resolution support services delivered by family guides with expertise in domestic violence and safety planning, conflict resolution and mediation, family law and court processes.
  • navigation assistance to other culturally and linguistically appropriate specialized services, which could include a new Child Support Service, Legal Aid, expanded enforcement or other financial, legal or health and social services.
  • self-service tools and a resource inventory that is searchable by region and issue.
  • support to complete any prerequisites for court.
  • allows families to access support electronically.

The notice also mentions changes coming to the The Family Law Modernization Act, which will “expand the role of the Child Support Recalculation Service and give it the authority to make initial child support decisions in a broad range of cases, such as changes in employment, without going to court. “

New Court Notices from the Provincial Court and Court of Queen’s Bench

Provincial Court of Manitoba – Re: Child Protection Hearings

This notice is in continuation of the notice of May 13, 2020 advising that child protection dockets will continue to sit in the court centres for the month of July, 2020, with the EXCEPTION of Steinbach, Beausejour, Pine Falls and Peguis First Nation. A list of child protection dockets sitting in court centres is included.

Provincial Court of Manitoba – Re: Covid-19 Suspension and Re-Opening Of Additional Courts

Further to the notice of May 15, 2020 additional court sittings will resume in Peguis First Nation, Pine Falls, Virden, Rossburn and Russell, only being open to those necessary to court proceedings. Those that do come to court are being asked to respect health protocols and refrain from coming if they are exhibiting any symptoms.

Other circuit courts which have not been re-opened as described in this notice will not sit
during July. All matters on those dockets will be further suspended and administratively
adjourned to the next court date set for that community.

Case management conferences will continue as scheduled and may be conducted by teleconference.

Court of Queen’s Bench Manitoba -Re: Scheduling Protocols for Family Division Motions and Case Conferences Via Teleconference or Video Conference

This Notice to Profession changes the Notice issued by this Court on April 28, 2020. This notice details protocols for videoconferencing. Motions will continue to be scheduled in a courtroom and will be heard via teleconference, with the judge’s assistant arranging the teleconference and notifying counsel. Effective immediately, counsel has the obligation to arrange a teleconference or a video conference for a case conference where both parties are represented by counsel. Protocols for motions and scheduling case conferences are provided.