New Online Titles

Available behind the member’s portal, these new electronic books have been added to our desLibris collection for reading.

Pension Law, 3rd ed. by Ari Kaplan and Mitch Frazer

“The third edition of Pension Law updates pension law and legislation starting with the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2013 decision in IBM Canada Limited v Waterman, through to the 2020 release of Fraser v Canada (Attorney General). These cases further our legal understanding of pension benefits as bearing the “hallmarks of a property right” and as a source of human rights and dignity. This new edition also tracks regulatory developments, including the shift from solvency to going-concern funding as reflected by exemptions granted to public sector plans, conversions to target benefits and jointly sponsored plans, and industry consolidation.”

An Introduction to University Governance by Cheryl Foy

An Introduction to University Governance is a resource to support current and prospective university governance professionals and those serving on university boards and academic governing bodies, and will be of interest to members of government, consultants, lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, and others who work closely with universities. It is intended to be an accessible rather than an academic book, written to encourage more effective university governance with more engaged participants within the over-150 universities in Canada.”

Guthrie’s Guide to Better Legal Writing, 2nd ed. by Neil Guthrie

“Lawyers like to think they are good writers. Their non-lawyer readers are more likely to describe their writing as turgid, pedantic, Latin-filled, jargon-ridden, misspelt, ungrammatical, and inelegant. Guthrie’s Guide to Better Legal Writing won’t solve all your problems, but it will help you make your prose clear, correct, and compelling. The focus is on communicating more effectively in email, letters, memos, blog posts, client updates, and social media, but there are some pointers on contractual drafting and written advocacy as well. A bit of strategy, some grammar and spelling, and a lot of style.”

Keep up to date with Legal Newsletters – Environmental Law

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Spotlight: LexisNexis Environmental Law NetLetter

With recent issues involving implementing protections against cutting down old growth trees, and carbon tax pricing, it helps to stay informed of recent legal changes and challenges.

Updated monthly, this current awareness service provides comprehensive coverage of all significant new Canadian law court decisions and selected tribunal decisions on environmental law and related procedural issues (in English) added recently to Quicklaw.

Recent publications include topics on: environmental liability, conservation, environmental legislation, jurisdictional and constitutional issues.

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For further research check out Environmental Law 5th edition by Jamie Benidickson, Public Lands and Resources Law in Canada by Elaine L. Hughes, Arlene J. Kwasniak, Alastair R. Lucas available on desLibris, or the McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law available on CanLII.

Provincial Court Suspensions, Restrictions, and Resumptions Update – Notice Extension

Notice #68 – Provincial Court of Manitoba – Further Suspension & Restriction of Hearings – June 8, 2021

Given the instability in the number of COVID cases confirmed in Manitoba, an extension to the current order has been placed. Further suspensions and modifications will take effect on Monday, June 14, 2021 and remain in place until Friday, June 25, 2021 or until further Notice is issued.

All Provincial Court notices regarding COVID-19 are available here.

Legislative Update

The House adjourned on June 1, 2021.

The 3rd Session of the 42nd Legislature will reconvene on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

Third Session, Forty-Second Legislature

Private Bills


Bill 234 The Consumer Protection Amendment Act (Right to Repair) – amends The Consumer Protection Act. A manufacturer must make the items necessary to maintain and repair its electronic products available to consumers and repair businesses at a reasonable price.

Bill 235 The Scrap Metal Recyclers Act – This Bill establishes The Scrap Metal Recyclers Act. A person must provide personal identification and the source of the scrap metal when they enter into a transaction with a scrap metal recycler. The recycler must keep the identifying information for five years and provide it to the police if required.

Bill 236 The Protecting Communications on Public Interest Matters Act (Court of Queen’s Bench Act and Defamation Act Amended) – amends The Court of Queen’s Bench Act. A defendant may file a motion to dismiss a court proceeding on the ground that the proceeding arose from a communication by the defendant on a matter of public interest. Unless ordered otherwise, the motion stays the court proceeding and any related administrative tribunal proceedings until the motion is decided.
This Bill also amends The Defamation Act. A defendant may rely on the common law defence of qualified privilege even when a communication has been published by the media.

Bill 237 The Elections Amendment Act – amends The Elections Act to require the disclosure of personal financial information by the leader of a political party for a 20-year period.

Bill 238The Apprenticeship and Certification Amendment Act (Apprenticeship Supervision) – amends The Apprenticeship and Certification Act. Currently, the number of apprentices a journeyperson may supervise is set by regulation. This Bill requires a 1 to 1 supervision ratio for most trades.

Check here for the current status of all bills.