New Journals added to HeinOnline

Our subscription to HeinOnline just got even better. Eleven new journals have been added to their collection, including Canadian Tax Journal, published by the Canadian Tax Foundation. HeinOnline is available to members of the Law Society of Manitoba by signing in to the Members Portal and clicking on “Library Resources”.

As we continue to work remotely, being able to access a full library of legal journals wherever you have an internet connection is a valuable resource. Be sure to check out all of the content we provide for you, and don’t hesitate to contact us for help with legal research.

Legislative Update

2nd session, 42nd legislature


Legislature suspended due to Covid-19

From the Legislative Assembly Website: “On March 19, 2020 the Members of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly unanimously agreed to suspend its sittings due to the ongoing public health crisis brought on by the COVID-19 virus and the need for social distancing. Although public access to the Legislative Building has been limited for the same reason, Assembly offices remain open with a reduced staff complement and can be reached through phone or email.”

COVID-19 Update

Click here for the last update from the Manitoba Legislative Assembly

Check here for the current status of bills.

Need Westlaw? Just ask!

The Manitoba Law Library subscribes to Westlawnext Canada on the computers in the library only. Since the library is closed, that service is no longer available for our members. In partnership with Thomson Reuters, we have crafted a solution to allow individual members of the Law Society of Manitoba to register for a limited use license.

The details:

  1. Contact us at We will verify that you are a practising member registered with the Law Society of Manitoba, and email you a OnePass registration key to use for 12 hours only. You will have unlimited access to the products we subscribe to on your own device, which include CriminalSource, FamilySource, Estates&TrustsSource and a portion of Litigator including personal injury quantums.
  2. We can offer up to 10 registration keys per day so it will be first come, first served, and you will be cut off when your time is up.
  3. You can register again, but you will go to the end of the line.

Please pass this along to your colleagues who are not subscribers to Westlaw, so we can support as many of you as possible.

For more information on resources available through the Great Library please read this message from the law society.

New Journal Update

Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal, Vol. 39, No. 2 has just been released.


From the Law Reports:

Baryla v. Baryla: The Presumption of Advancement in the Family Law Context – Lauren Blake and Caitlin MacDonnell

From the Legislatures:

Disclosure of Trust Information to Beneficiaries under New Zealand’s Trusts Act 2019 – Claudia Shan and Simon Barber


Saskatchewan Introduces New Intestate Succession Legislation – Amanda S.A. Doucette

Common Intentions: The Standard of Review for Standard Form Wills – Tom Collins

Cross-Border Planning for Canadian Registered Retirement Plans – Elise M. Pulver, David J. Byun, Ryan M. Murphy and Amy P. Walters

Practitioners Beware: Equitable Remedies are Limited (But the Door has Not Closed) – Rami Pandher and Channing Brown

Taping Wills Instructions – John E.S. Poyser and Krista Clendenning

Lawyers who are members of the Law Society of Manitoba may request a copy of these articles by emailing