Suspension of Provincial Offences Act Matters

Notice – Provincial Offences Act Proceedings – Suspension of Court Sittings due to COVID (April 29, 2021)

“Provincial Offences Act matters (Winnipeg and Regional) including Highway Traffic Act matters scheduled to appear up to and including June 4, 2021 throughout Manitoba will be adjourned”.

Notifications for new dates will be sent out. Those with matters set to proceed virtually will be contacted directly.

Anyone wishing to admit the offence and seek a fine reduction, dispute the offence, or have any questions regarding their ticket can call 204-945-3156 or 1-800-282-8069.

Legislative Update

Third Session, Forty-Second Legislature

Government Bills


Bill 72 The Disability Support Act and Amendments to The Manitoba Assistance Act – creates a new support framework for individuals living with a severe and prolonged disability who have no other adequate means of support. Individuals can apply for basic disability support payments as well as shelter assistance. The Act also allows for additional discretionary support payments in special cases.

2nd Reading

Bill 71 The Education Property Tax Reduction Act (Property Tax and Insulation Assistance Act and Income Tax Act Amended)Hansard Debate


Bill 67 The Public Health Amendment Act PDF SM 2021, c. 3

Private Bills


Bill 229 The Restriction on Material Accompanying Government Cheques Act – prohibits the name, image or title of a Cabinet minister from being used on any material included with a cheque mailed by the government or a government agency.

2nd Reading

Bill 222 The Lobbyists Registration Amendment ActHansard Debate

Check here for the current status of all bills.

Provincial Court Suspensions, Restrictions, and Resumptions Update – Notice

Notice – Suspensions, Restrictions and Resumptions – update to Notice of March 15, 2021

An earlier notice indicated that the Provincial Court would be returning to a number of communities by May 1st. Due to ongoing health and safety concerns, the court will not be returning to those communities. No future dates have been given.

All Provincial Court notices regarding COVID-19 are available here.

New eBooks available from CanLII and desLibris

Canlli and have added to their collection of eBooks with 13 new titles, with a range of different legal topics. These eBooks are collected from authors and compiled to make legal research easier.

Check out the new titles here, or read the CanLII blog for more information

These titles are now available on desLibris. Log in to the Member’s Portal and click on Library Resources to get access.

The Law of Property provides an introduction to property law that is meant to be accessible to law students and readers with little to no legal background. It explores and explains the variety of different property rights that exist in Canadian law, the ways in which property rights can be created or transferred to others, and the resolution of disputes between people who claim competing property rights to the same thing. This book presents a thorough and enjoyable analysis of the law of property that will help readers understand both the subject as a whole and its finer details.

United Nations Law, Politics, and Practice explores the important events that shaped the United Nations under different Secretaries-General, describes the legal framework in which it operates, and discusses its politics and practice from an insider’s viewpoint. It provides sufficient information on the UN’s evolution, structure, functioning, and activities in order to empower readers to form their own thoughts about the strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures of the UN. Students, professors, lawyers, diplomats, international public servants, and those with any interest in international relations or international law will consider this book a valuable resource examining the world’s most prominent intergovernmental organization.

The Canadian Class Action Review, Vol. 16, No. 2

  • Book Review: Defending Class Actions In Canada: A Guide For Defendants Michael A Crystal And Maria Khan
  • Flash Boys Class Actions: Civil Fraud, Conspiracy, And The Certifiability Of High-Frequency Trading Cases In Canada Lindsay Frame
  • An Overview Of Class Actions And Covid-19 In Ontario’s Long-Term Care Facilities Jordan Assaraf
  • The Unworkability Of The Workable Methodology Standard Kate Boyle And Nicholas Hooper United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Class Actions And Corporate Hegemony Rebecca Meharchand
  • The Limits Of Case Management: A Review And Principled Approach To The Court’s General Management Powers Paul-Erik Veel, Adil Abdulla, And Angela Hou
  • Determining A Fair Price For Carriage?: Applying A “Fee-Driven” Factor And Reverse Auctions To Adjudicating Carriage Motions In Ontario Timothy Law

Impact of COVID-19 on the Federal Court

The Federal Court of Appeal has made a number of Notices to Parties and the Profession regarding changes due to COVID-19.

The most recent notice on April 21, 2021 extends the suspension period on filing deadlines indefinitely. Court filings should also be filed electronically following the guidelines in the notice “Requirements and Recommendations for Filing Electronic Court Documents in the Federal Court of Appeal”.

Additional information regarding Hearings and Registry Operations are also detailed.

For a full list of all notices see the Federal Court website.