For anyone needing help with family and civil law matters, legal assistance will be available with 50 minute appointments available in-person in the library and virtual over Zoom on alternating weeks.

How can the Law Library Hub help you?

  • Currently able to assist with Family or Civil matters only
  • Answer general legal questions
  • Review court documents and assist with next steps
  • Outline options for dealing with a legal problem
  • Explain court processes and procedures
  • Explore other resources available

The Law Library Hub is currently on hiatus. Appontments will begin in fall 2024. 

See below for additional resources.

Self-help Resources and Links

Canadian Judicial Council – Guides for self-represented litigants

These handbooks make it simple for self-represented litigants to access information for each province and territory in both official languages on how to prepare for a hearing, the applicable rules and law, where to find free or lower cost legal help and related resource agencies, among many other things.

It is important to note that while these handbooks cannot anticipate all of the possible situations that may arise, they provide a starting point that will assist and guide litigants. The Handbooks do not provide legal advice and are not a substitute for the advice that a lawyer may provide. The Handbooks provide general information only.

Additional Resources

CLEA is a charitable organization that provides legal information to Manitobans. CLEA develops programs and resources especially to work with communities where there are understood needs. These services help individuals better understand our legal system and how to resolve their legal issues."

Legal Aid Manitoba (LAM) works to ensure that eligible Manitobans have access to justice, including those who are disadvantaged and facing a well-resourced individual or entity in court—from women fleeing abusive relationships to immigrants facing deportation to same-sex families fighting for inclusion.

Improving access to legal and social service resources for socially and economically disadvantaged members of the community by providing legal support, education and referrals in partnership with students and volunteers.

U of M Community Law Centre - The University of Manitoba Community Law Centre has been part of LAM since 1972. The office primarily handles summary conviction offences. In addition, it may provide assistance for Highway Traffic Act offences, small claims cases that involve consumer problems and individual disputes with Manitoba Public Insurance.

The Rights Clinic - The Rights Clinic at Robson Hall will be a resource to improve access to justice for Manitobans. The three main components of the clinic are as follows:
1) non-litigation advocacy, raising public awareness about vital rights issues;
2) rights-related academic research, in the form of a mini “think tank”; and
3) informational presentations and seminars so that members of the public can be better informed about their rights and the rights of others.

L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic - Provides free legal assistance to entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, innovators and family businesses, non-profits, charities, artists, art, culture, and community organizations who do not have a lawyer and cannot afford legal assistance. The law clinic is operated by law students of the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. All Information and services by law students are supervised by experienced lawyers.


The NSRLP works to promote dialogue and collaboration among all those affected by the self-represented litigant phenomenon, both justice system professionals and litigants themselves. We regularly publish resources designed specifically for SRLs, as well as research reports that examine the implications for the justice system.

Find where to get legal help, learn about the court system, look up legislation, and find advocacy organizations.

Helpful texts

Boyd, Neil. Canadian law: an introduction

Dranoff, Linda Silver. Every Canadian's guide to the law

Infojustice Manitoba - offre des services d’information juridique, d’orientation, et d’accompagnement. Ses services pour le public incluent la référence vers un(e) avocat(e) francophone dont la spécialisation correspond à vos besoins.

Infojustice Manitoba is a legal information centre committed to promoting access to justice in French. By providing information, support and referral services, Infojustice helps French-speaking individuals understand the various legal situations they face in their everyday lives and helps them respond appropriately. Infojustice Manitoba offers information in all areas of the law and provides a wide range of services that are free of charge. Consultations can be in person, by phone or by email. Infojustice also provides workshops on various legal topics and offers Courthouse accompaniment services.

A Woman’s Place - A Woman’s Place Domestic Violence Support and Legal Services provides supportive counselling and legal services for women who have exited/are exiting an abusive relationship.

Family Resolution Service - Services currently available include:

  • information, tools and resources found throughout the Family Law Manitoba website;
  • the ability to request information or provincial services through a single Get Guidance email and telephone number;
  • Early Resolution Support Services (Phase 1 - see diagram) delivered by Family Guides with expertise in domestic violence and safety planning, conflict resolution and mediation, family law and court processes;
  • triage and referrals to culturally and linguistically appropriate specialized services, which could include the new Child Support Service, Legal Aid or other private and community financial, legal or health and social services;
  • support to complete any pre-requisites for court;
  • referral to alternate dispute resolution services such as arbitration, mediation, and collaborative family law and legal services;
  • referral to the Child Support Service or court for final decisions and court orders in cases where resolution cannot be reached;
  • referral to mental health services and supports such as AbilitiCBT, a new digital therapy program from Morneau Shepell, available to all residents of Manitoba age 16 or older experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety due to the COVID19 pandemic
  • referral to child care options on a short-term and emergent basis when accessing safety support and services or being physically present in court.

CanLII Logo - The website provides access to court judgments from all Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, federal courts, and the courts in all Canada’s provinces and territories. also contains decisions from many tribunals nationally.

Manitoba Laws - Online source of current provincial Manitoba acts and regulations.

The library will be closed on Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day