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Sentencing in Canada : Essays in Law, Policy, and Practice edited by David Cole and Julian Roberts
“Sentencing in Canada contains a unique collection of essays that explore all key aspects of sentencing. The contributors include leading academics, criminal law practitioners, and members of the judiciary, and many of the authors have extensive experience working in the areas of sentencing and parole. The volume is not simply a statement of the law—instead, the chapters examine the wider context in which sentencing and parole decisions are taken. The volume also incorporates findings from the latest empirical research into sentencing policy and practice in Canada, including important issues such as sentencing Indigenous persons. As Mr Justice Moldaver notes in his preface, the volume “will be useful to criminal law practitioners and, more generally, to all persons interested in sentencing.”

Financial Skills for Professionals by Vern Krishna
“It is important for professionals and lawyers in commercial, corporate, family, estate, civil litigation, and criminal practices to understand the rudimentary concepts of accounting and financial law. Professionals often fear financial statements. This book uses clear, concise explanations and simple numerical examples of what lawyers and professional persons need to know to understand financial law and statements.”

The Law of Evidence – 8th ed. by David Paciocco, Palma Paciocco, and Lee Stuesser
The Law of Evidence, by David M Paciocco, Palma Paciocco, and Lee Stuesser, is Canada’s leading text in evidentiary law in both criminal and civil cases. For more than two decades, it has been relied upon by judges, practitioners, and scholars in the courtroom and in the classroom. The strength of the book is that it does not simply organize and describe the most important topics in the law of evidence; it is designed to simultaneously teach the law of evidence and provide a concise reference source of the leading authorities. In this newest edition of this frequently cited book, the authors continue the practice of organizing, explaining, and illustrating the law of evidence clearly, simply, and practically. The Law of Evidence, 8e, provides authoritative analyses of new cases, and portions of the book have been rewritten or reorganized to enhance discussion of the most important topics in evidentiary law.”

Canadian Family Law – 8th ed. by Julien D. Payne and Marilyn A. Payne
Canadian Family Law will be of particular interest to judges, legal practitioners, mediators, arbitrators, and other professionals who require an understanding of the law relating to families. It also provides a unique source of information for law students and their professors as well as members of the public who face domestic crises and the threat of marriage breakdown. The eighth edition of Canadian Family Law is a companion volume to Payne and Payne, Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2020. Previous editions of both of these texts have been cited in hundreds of judicial decisions across Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada and appellate courts from coast to coast. Canadian Family Law has also been adopted as required reading in family law courses presented by several colleges and universities across Canada.”

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New Notice and Practice Directives

Provincial Court

Re: Covid-19 Suspension and Re-Opening Of Additional Courts (September 28, 2020)

Following a previous notice, courts will not be re-opening in God’s Lake Narrows in October. They will also not be re-opening in Garden Hill for local reasons.

The courts will re-turn to sitting in Altona, Arborg, Ashern and Lundar, and is sitting in Easterville. There is no confirmed date for Pukatawagan.

Beginning October 1, 2020, the Provincial Court of Manitoba will hear in-custody and out of custody trials and out of custody dispositions in the communities of: Altona, Arborg, Ashern, and Lundar.

Health protocols are in effect in these areas and the courts are asking any one with symptoms to not come to court. More details and updates are included in the full notice.

All Courts

Notice to the Profession (September 28, 2020)

Under the new Manitoba Health protocol, those that have come into contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 while in the courts will now be notified. Members of the profession will not be informed of every potential exposure in the courthouse. A reminder that masks are required at all time while in the courthouse, except, when in a courtroom, the presiding judge stipulates otherwise.

For a list of all notices and practice directions related to COVID-19 visit

New Notice and Practice Directive – Provincial Court

Covid-19 Suspension and Re-Opening Of Additional Courts

In furtherance of previous notices to re-open courts, the following locations with begin to re-open on a staged and incremental basis.

  • September 9, 2020, court sittings resumed in Bloodvein;
  • September 21, 2020, court sittings will resume in Gimli, Stonewall and Little Grand Rapids;
  • October 1, 2020, we expect to resume court sittings in Moose Lake, Sioux Valley, God’s Lake Narrows, Garden Hill, Boissevain, Brochet, Little Grand Rapids and Cross Lake.

September 21, 2020, the Provincial Court of Manitoba will hear in-custody and out of custody trials and dispositions in the communities of Gimli, Stonewall, and Little Grand Rapids.

October 1, 2020, the Provincial Court of Manitoba will hear in-custody and out of custody trials and dispositions in the communities of: God’s Lake Narrows, Cross Lake, Sioux Valley, Moose Lake, Bloodvein, Garden Hill, Boissevain, and Brochet.

See the full notice for more details as well as information on Child protection, Administrative dockets, and Case management conferences.

For a list of all notices and practice directions related to COVID-19 visit

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