Among the new journals added this month, HeinOnline now provides current coverage of the Journal of Space Law. “Published by University of Mississippi School of Law since 1973, this widely recognized journal is devoted to space law and the legal problems arising out of human activities in outer space.”

Other titles include:

Summaries of these titles can be found on  the HeinOnline Blog. Another item to note is the ‘Tip of the Month’, which shows you how to send documents to yourself, or others, right from Heinonline.

CanLII has added the Queen’s Law Journal to its collection of online journals.

“First developed in 1968 to showcase the work of Queen’s University’s law students, the Queen’s Law Journal has since become one of the most respected legal publications in Canada and an important scholarly platform for legal commentary. Editors take an interdisciplinary approach that welcomes a diversity of perspectives for publication, the journal is also rigorously refereed. “

-From the CanLII blog