Government Bills

Bill 1 An Act respecting the Administration of Oaths of Office (Formal Bill)

Bill 2 The Public Services Sustainability Repeal Act – repeals The Public Services Sustainability Act (which is unproclaimed) and three other legislative references to it.

Bill 4 The Path to Reconciliation Amendment Act – amends The Path to Reconciliation Act to include references to the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. In addition to the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the calls for justice of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls are to guide the Government of Manitoba’s commitment to reconciliation.

Bill 5 The Coat of Arms, Emblems and the Manitoba Tartan Amendment Act – amends The Coat of Arms, Emblems and the Manitoba Tartan Act to add the polar bear as one of the designated mammal emblems of Manitoba. The plains bison was previously designated in 2014.

Bill 7 The Police Services Amendment Act (Enhancing Independent Investigation Unit Operations) – makes a number of amendments to The Police Services Act that deal with the operation of the Independent Investigation Unit (IIU), which is responsible for investigating police officer conduct.

Private Bills

Bill 200The Orange Shirt Day Statutory Holiday Act (Various Acts Amended) – This Bill recognizes Orange Shirt Day, September 30, as a provincial statutory holiday for the purposes of The Employment Standards Code and The Interpretation Act.

Bill 201 The Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act – amends The Regional Health Authorities Act to require annual reports of health authorities to be tabled in the Assembly and referred to the Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development. The Standing Committee must consider each report within 120 days.

Bill 202 The Louis Riel Act – This Bill bestows the honorary title of “First Premier of Manitoba” on Louis Riel. The Bill requires the Manitoba education curriculum to include the significant contributions of Louis Riel.

Bill 203 The Abortion Protest Buffer Zone Act – Access zones are created for clinics and facilities that provide abortion services and for service providers. Certain activities are prohibited within these zones. Certain activities are prohibited on school sites and within 50 metres of school sites.

Bill 204 The Protest Buffer Zone Act (COVID-19 Restrictions) – This Bill establishes The Protest Buffer Zone Act (COVID-19 Restrictions). Buffer zones are created with certain activities prohibited within these buffer zones. 

Bill 205 The Filipino Heritage Month Act – proclaims the month of June of each year as Filipino Heritage Month.

Bill 207 The Criminal Property Forfeiture Amendment Act – Enables the money in the criminal property forfeiture fund to instead go to non-profit community organizations for social programs, such as affordable housing and restorative justice.

Second Reading

Bill 3 The Family Maintenance Amendment Act – replaces Part II of The Family Maintenance Act to establish new rules respecting the parentage of children conceived through assisted reproduction, including where a surrogate is used.

Bill 6 The Workers Compensation Amendment ActThe Workers Compensation Act lists specific illnesses and injuries presumed to be caused by firefighting, unless the contrary is proven. This Bill expands the list to include primary site thyroid, pancreatic, ovarian, cervical and penile cancers.


ChapterTitle     (provisions)Date in forceDate signedProclamation
SM 2021, c. 38The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Amendment Act (whole Act)13 Dec 202124 Nov 2021Proclamation
SM 2021, c. 30The Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2020 (subsections 25(3) and (4))1 Dec 202110 Nov 2021Proclamation
SM 2021, c. 27The Human Rights Code Amendment Act (whole Act)1 Jan 202227 Oct 2021Proclamation
SM 2021, c. 28The Administrative Tribunal Jurisdiction Act (whole Act)1 Jan 202227 Oct 2021Proclamation
SM 2021, c. 36The Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (various sections29 Oct 202127 Oct 2021Proclamation

See here for the status of all current bills.