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Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal, Vol. 41

From the law reports
  • Roger Lee. Case Comment: Pirani v. Pirani.
from the legislatures
  • Samantha Nault. Finding the Middle Ground: What Substantial Compliance Means for Ontario.
  • Aubrie Girou & Catherine Bunio. B.C. Bill-21 and Electronic Wills: Progressive or Problematic?
  • Christopher J. Marr. New Brunswick’s Enduring Powers of Attorney Act: One Year Later.
  • Carol Liu. Looking Beyond the Crystal Ball: How Crypto-Wills and Digital Assets Can Change Wills and Estate Planning.
  • Joel Nitikman. Can a Charity Charge for Filet Mignon?
  • Ken Vimalesan. Occupational Rent.

Canadian Criminal Law Review, Vol. 26

  • Yves-Marie Morisette. A Personal Perspective on Judgment Writing.
  • Maxime Bérubé, Sophie Allard, Vincent Denault. Ensuring the Probative Value of Web Searches as Digital Evidence.
  • Hugues Parent. La Constitutionnalité de L’Article 33.1 du Code Criminel: Analyse et Commentaires.

Criminal Law Quarterly, Vol. 70

  • Kent W. Roach. Sexual Assault Law.
  • Hamish Stewart. The Fault Element of Sexual Assault.
  • Nick Kaschuk. Intoxication, Sexual Assault, and Consent.
  • Michael Plaxton. Sexual Assault’s Strangely Intractable Fault Problem.
  • Noor Sohail. The Probative Value of Sexual History Evidence and the 2019 Trilogy.
  • Samuel Mazzuca. Regulating the Admissibility & Use of Sexual Inactivity Evidence in Criminal Cases.
  • Isabel Grant and Janine Benedet. The Meaning of Capacity and Consent in Sexual Assault: R. v. G.F.

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law & Practice, Vol. 35

  • Christine Hickey. Reasons First: Post-Vavilov Considerations for Tribunal Participation on Judicial Review or Appeal.
  • John Mark Keyes. Judicial Review of Delegated Legislation–The Road Beyond Vavilov.
  • Derek McKee. Review of: Joseph Heath, the Machinery of Government: Public Administration and the Liberal State.
  • Ron Ellis. An Administrative Justice Fix: A Model Act.
  • Michelle A. Alton. The Evolution of Impartiality and the Need for Cultural Competency when Assessing Credibility.
  • Prof. Paul Daly. Vavilov on the Road.

Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, Vol. 35

  • Omar Farahat. Time and Moral Choice in Islamic Jurisprudence.
  • Yifat Naftali Ben Zion. Moving Along the Continuum of Loyalty from a Standard Towards Rules.
  • Clovis Kemmerich. The Interpretation of Court Opinions.
  • Joshua Neoh. Law, Freedom, and Slavery.
  • Jeffrey Brand. Character and Repeat-Offender Sentencing.
  • Andre Santos Campos. The Political Conception of Human Rights and Its Rule(s) of Recognition.
  • Ya Lan Chang. Communitarianism, Properly Understood.
  • John Adenitire. The Rule of Law for All Sentient Animals.
  • Chris Bousquet. Words That Harm: Defending the Dignity Approach to Hate Speech Regulation.
  • Erick J. Sam. From Each According to Their Ability?

Education and Law Journal, Vol. 3

  • Shaheen Shariff, Kaelyn Macaulay, Farah Roxanne Stonebanks. What Is the Cost of Free Speech for Entertainment? A Missed Opportunity by the Supreme Court of Canada to Reduce Offensive Speech and Protect Marginalized Youth.
  • Rebecca Meharchand. “Unfair Dealing”: Mandatory Tariffs under Section 68.2(1) of the Copyright Act Rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Baruch Wise. Vaccines Mandates and Legal Immunity for Ontario’s School Boards.
  • Ryan Ramdin. “Re-Framing” Student Choice in Ontario College and University Fees.
  • Aleks Ivovic. Disability Accommodations in University Admissions: A Step Forward for People with Disabilities or for University Autonomy?
  • Kenneth Wm. Thornicroft. Storming the Ivory Tower–Student Challenges to University Academic Decisions.

Indigenous Law Journal, Vol. 18

  • Danielle Lussier. Meek – A Legal Love Letter to My Children: If These Beads Could Talk.
  • Maya Chacaby. Bone Court Trial Transcripts.

University of Toronto Law Journal, Vol. 72

  • Robert Leckey, Eric Mendelsohn. The Notwithstanding Clause: Legislatures, Courts, and the Electorate.
  • Peter Jaffey. Remedial Consistency in Private Law.
  • Ezra Rosser. Hanoch Dagan, A Liberal Theory of Property (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2021).
  • David Lie, Lisa M Austin, Peter Yi Ping Sun, Wenjun Qiu. Automating Accountability? Privacy Policies, Data Transparency, and the Third Party Problem.

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, Vol. 37

  • Katie Sykes, Rebecca Dickson, Sarah Ewart, Candice Foulkes, Marina Landry. Civil Revolution: User Experiences with British Columbia’s Online Court.
  • Hassan M. Ahmad. Judicializing Foreign Affairs: The Canada-Saudi Arms Deal and the Implications of Transnational Tort Litigation.
  • Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau, Maxine Visotzky-Charlebois. L’Accès à L’Accompagnement et à la Représentation par les Personnes Accidentées ou Malades du Travail: Une Analyse Sous le Prisme des Coûts de la Justice.
  • Carol Dauda, Danielle McNabb. Getting to Proportionality: The Trouble with Sentencing for Possession of Child Pornography in Ontario.
  • Donald J. Netolitzky, Richard Warman. As the Water Grinds the Stone: Comparison of Represented and Self-Represented Appellant Populations in the Federal Court of Appeal.