Ottawa Law Review (Revue de droit d’Ottawa) – Vol. 48 No. 1 Contents

The latest — and last! — physical copy of the Ottawa Law Review is now available in the library. Going forward we will no longer be carrying physical copies but, all issues of Ottawa L Rev are available for free via CanLII.

The contents of Vol. 48 No. 1 are:

  • Omnibus Bills: Constitutional Constraints and Legislative Liberations by Adam M. Dodek
  • Proportionality as a Moral Process: Reconceiving Judicial Discretion and Mandatory Minimum Penalties by Lauren Witten
  • Revisiting the Open Court Principle in an Era of Online Publication: Questioning Presumptive Public Access to parties’ and Witnesses’ Personal Information by Jacquelyn Burkell and Jane Bailey

Please note the above list is only the English written articles in OLR; the rest of the articles in this issue are in French.

Other law journals that are available on CanLII that may be of interest include: Alberta Law Review, Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies, and Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law Reform. Check CanLIIDocs for the full list of secondary sources.

Contents Update – Estates, Trusts, & Pensions Journal (Feb 2018)

Vol. 37, No. 1 of the Estates, Trusts and Pensions Journal has just arrived.


From the Law Reports

  • Release of Lawyer’s Will File by Kimberly Kuntz and Louise Hamill


  • Disputes over Parental Care when the Dutiful Child wants to be Paid by Ruth M. Corbin and Barry S. Corbin
  • Testamentary Freedom and Public Policy in Canada by Ed Esposto
  • Conflict of Laws and the Right of a Minor or Minor’s Guardian to Payment/Transfer of a Movable Gift by Will by K. Thomas Grozinger
  • Pension Fund Investment and Climate Change: A Legal Imperative by Krupa Kotecha

Practice Note

  • More on 104(24): when are amounts “payable” “to” a beneficiary? by Joel Nitikman

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Manitoba eLaws – New Edition – Family Law

The March 2018 edition of the Family Law Update has been published.  Selected contents include:

  • Applying the Right Legal Test for Summary Judgment: MBCA
  • Appellate Correction of Interim Variation Order Warranted: MBCA
  • Unprofessional Procedural Breaches Can Attract Costs Sanctions: MBCA
  • Parental Alienation Decision Upheld: MBCA
  • Post-Pronouncement Conduct Relevant in Awarding Costs: MBQB
  • Homestead Rights, Life Estates, and Partition and Sale: MBQB

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Additional Manitoba Content on HeinOnline

HeinOnline just announced an upgrade to their Manitoba legislative content – all annual statutes from 1817 to 2016. Their collection also includes consolidated and/or revised statutes up to 1954. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the 1970 or the 1987 RSM … yet. That’s next on my content request list.

Read the full news here in HeinOnline’s April 2018 newsletter.

2017 AMR Now Complete ~What’s Next ? Looking Ahead to 2018

Now that you have successfully submitted your 2017 AMR and MCPD report for April 1, 2018, what’s next? Might be hard to believe but even though you may have just completed your 2017 report, we are already entering the second quarter of 2018. So there is no time like the present to dive in and develop a Continuing Professional plan for the year.

Remember Your Annual MCPD activities must be completed in the current calendar Year.

This means your required 12 CPD hours for 2018 must be completed between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. So while the actual report for these hours is not due until the following year (April 1, 2019), the clock has already begun for 2018. It’s time to put your 2018 Continuing Professional Development plan into action !

There is No Need to Wait

Having trouble remembering the exact details for a programs you completed earlier in the year? Don’t wait to fill this information in. Details about CPD activities can be entered into the CPD Tracker at any time during the year, just make sure to click submit!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions ~ It’s your Responsibility to find Relevant CPD

Take the time to explore the many, many CPD options available to you and avoid the end of year scramble to complete your hours. On top of regular classroom style CPD programming, the Law Society also has many alternative cost effective and convenient CPD options including DVD replays, cpdonline and webinars which offer group discounts.

Additionally, there are plenty of alternatives outside the Law Society including other continuing legal education providers like, the Canadian Bar Association, in-house programs offered by law firms or even organized education discussion like the Manitoba Bar Association section meetings. Furthermore, teaching CPD sessions on a topic relevant to your practice is another great option to meet your CPD requirement. Eligible hours for teaching includes the preparation time required beforehand.

If you consider the wide range of CPD options available you will have no problem finding interesting and useful professional development opportunities.

To begin, check out the Law Society CPD Program page, which is regularly updated with new programming. If you don’t see a program that interests you, why not explore another CPD provider? For some ideas on where to look here is a brief list of CPD providers  to get you started!