Hydro Rates, Health Care Dominate Debate as Manitoba Legislature Begins Fall Sitting By Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press


Government Bills

2nd Reading

Private Bills


  • Bill 210 The Restricting Mandatory Overtime for Nurses Act (Various Acts Amended) – amends The Employment Standards Code to establish a separate overtime regime for nurses by January 1, 2023. Nurses are not obligated to work overtime in non-urgent circumstances.
  • Bill 211 The Manitoba Hydro Amendment Act (Referendum Before Privatization of Subsidiary) – amends The Manitoba Hydro Act. Currently, the government may introduce a bill to privatize Manitoba Hydro only after a referendum has been held in which the majority of voters have approved the privatization. The amendment clarifies that the referendum requirement also applies to the privatization of any subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro.
  • Bill 244 The Protecting Youth in Sports Act – A sports organization or association that receives government funding, a school division or an independent school must ensure that every coach: completes training in the prevention of sexual abuse, harassment, abuse and bullying in sport before commencing coaching youths; and undertakes not to host a young athlete in the coach’s home without prior permission of the athlete’s parent and, in the case of a student participating in an extra-curricular athletic activity, the principal of the student’s school.

2nd Reading


See here for the current status of all bills.

ChapterChapterDate in forceDate signedProclamation
SM 2022, c. 14The Financial Administration Amendment Act whole Act1 Oct. 202228 Sept. 2022Proclamation
NumberTitleRegistered Published
117/2022Court of Appeal Rules, amendment31 Aug. 202231 Aug. 2022
118/2022Court of Appeal Rules, amendment31 Aug. 202231 Aug. 2022
119/2022Election Fees, Expenses and Rentals Regulation16 Sept. 202216 Sept. 2022
120/2022Assistance Regulation, amendment16 Sept. 202216 Sept. 2022
121/2022AgriInsurance Regulation16 Sept. 202216 Sept. 2022
122/2022Overwinter Bee Mortality Insurance Regulation, amendment16 Sept. 202216 Sept. 2022
123/2022Employment Standards Regulation, amendment29 Sept. 202229 Sept. 2022