New Book Display: Persons Day

October 18 commemorates the case of Edwards v. Canada which decided women are eligible to sit in the Senate of Canada and that they are indeed included under the term ‘persons’.

This constitutional case was decided on October 18, 1929, by the Judicial Committee of the Imperial Privy Council, which at the time was the highest court of appeal.

The decision also helped recognize that the constitution should be interpreted in a way that adapts to a changing culture.

Print Resources in the Library

Gender equality in the courts : criminal law : a study by the Manitoba Association of Women and the Law / editor, Mona G. Brown  
Women, the law, and the economy / editors, E. Diane Pask, Kathleen E. Mahoney, Catherine A. Brown  
Women in Canadian law  
International decade for women, 1976-1985
The law is not for women  
Reasoning with the Charter  
The Supreme Court’s first one hundred Charter of Rights decisions : a statistical analysis / F.L. Morton, Peter H. Russell and Michael Withey  
The Charter of Rights in litigation : direction from the Supreme Court of Canada / David Stratas

Electronic Resources


Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General), 1929 CanLII 438 (UK JCPC)

desLibris (available to members of the Law Society of Manitoba behind the Member’s Portal)

Quasi-constitutional Laws of Canada
by John Helis
Statutory Interpretation, 3rd edition
by Ruth Sullivan

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