We subscribe to several e-services on behalf of members of the Law Society of Manitoba, and we want to make sure you use them. Sometimes, all we have to do is tell you about them. Some platforms, however, are not very intuitive, so Allyssa McFadyen has created tutorials on how to use them. 

First off, we want to make sure you know where to find these resources. This guide on Accessing Library Resources Behind the Member’s Portal shows you how to sign in. 

Our dèsLibris subscription gives you access to the Irwin Law “Essentials of Canadian Law” series. The platform can be a little difficult to navigate. Allyssa has put together screen shots showing what we consider the easiest way to use it. 

All our guides are available on our Legal Ease page. If there are other resources you need help using, let us know. Allyssa will be happy to put together an instructional tutorial for you. You are also welcome to visit the library for in person assistance in using your resources.