PREP pilot launches in Alberta and Manitoba is next, launching in February 2020.

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) is excited to report the first pilot for the new Bar admission course, the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP), has launched. Twenty-seven Alberta students were welcomed to PREP in an in-person orientation on August 1st.

Built on best practices around the world, PREP delivers practical skills and competencies in an integrated approach that combines interactive, transactional learning and simulation. The program includes online modules, face-to-face workshops and something really unique – an interactive virtual law firm where students work as lawyers, managing cases in business law, criminal law, family law and real estate. Finally, students participate in a final capstone case and reflection before being called to the Bar.

A second pilot will take place in February of 2020 in Manitoba. Applicants who have received a JD or a certificate of qualification from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and who are interested in participating in the Manitoba PREP pilot can fill out this form to express interest.

To learn more about PREP, visit CPLED’s website, or attend an upcoming CPLED Information Session being held at the University of Manitoba on September 17 for law students and faculty.

CPLED is now on LinkedIn and Facebook!

CPLED is encouraging Law Society members to follow them on LinkedIn and like them on Facebook. They are working to create online communities for the legal profession that will extend beyond the Bar admission course and create discussions on legal education.

CPLED will also be launching an e-newsletter in the coming weeks, featuring the latest news on the PREP pilot and recruitment opportunities for legal professionals beginning in 2020. To stay up to date on all CPLED related news, visit their website to sign up today.

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