The latest edition of Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal has arrived and is now available for loan.

The current issue, Volume 39 Number 1, includes:

From the Law Reports
Hope and False Promises Invalidating Wills, by John E. S. Poyser and Krista Clendenning

Barford v. Street: Understanding and Applying the Rule to Collapse a Trust, by Charles Wagner and David Elmaleh

Gully v. Gully: A Cautionary Tale, by Aubrie U. Girou

Missing Participants: Various Approaches But No One Solution, by Andrea Boctor, Bas Dieleman, Kobus Hanekom, and Kevin L. Walsh

After the Will signing: “Alterations” to Valid Wills, by Alison Minard

If you would like a copy of any of these articles, please email and we would be happy to provide them, subject to copyright regulations.