Re: Detention Review Hearings Under ss. 520 and 525 of the Criminal Code

Thompson and The Pas Judicial Centres

As part of the Court of Queen’s Bench’s ongoing attempts to improve access to justice in all areas of its jurisdiction, the following direction applies to detention review hearings under sections 520 and 525 of the Criminal Code in the Thompson and The Pas judicial centres. Informing this practice direction are the following reference points:

  • To ensure the integrity of the administration of justice, generally, criminal matters are to be adjudicated in the judicial centre most proximate to the community where the alleged offence took place.
  • The constitutional obligation that flows from the Charter right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause requires that bail review hearings take place without unreasonable delay.
  • The Thompson judicial centre has a particularly high volume of criminal cases and in-custody accused.
  • There is no remand facility in Thompson.
  • It is not unusual that accused in criminal matters originating in Thompson and The Pas judicial centres are held in custody in a facility that is a significant distance from the courthouses in these judicial centres.
  • Bail review hearings may take place in person, by video, or by teleconference.

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This practice direction comes into effect immediately (dated March 5, 2020).