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Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers 2020

  • Black Spot or Big Chill: Consequences of J. Cote v. Burnaby
  • How Ontario’s Limitations Act Preserves Construction Project Claims
  • Municipal Power to Discriminate: The Impact of Shell Canada Products v. Vancouver (City) on Public Procurement
  • One Person, Two Hats–The Dilemma of the Design Professional
  • Consolidation of Adjudications under Ontario’s New Construction Act (The “Act”)
  • Canadian Construction Law Reform: A Survey of Recent Developments in Builders Liens, Prompt Payment, Interim Adjudication and Mandatory Construction Bonding

Canadian Family Law Quarterly 2020 Volume 39

  • The Cost of Shared Parenting: An Analysis of Section 9 from 2016 to 2017
  • Bill C-78: The 2020 Reforms to the Parenting Provisions of Canada’s Divorce Act
  • Virtual Parent-Child Contact Post-Separation: Hearing from Multiple Perspectives on the Risks and Rewards
  • Case Comment: Undermining Children’s Rights in A.M. v. C.H.

Criminal Law Quarterly 2020 Volume 86 no. 1

  • Good Judgment: Three Case Studies
  • Compassionate Adjudication
  • Why a New Approach to Privacy Rights and Section 8 of the Chapter Is Required in the Cyber Age and What It Could Look Like
  • Taking the Cryptic out of Cryptocurrency Investigations
  • The Knowledge and Beliefs of Jurors and Non-Jurors Concerning the Fallibility of Memory: Is this Information Common Knowledge?

Saskatchewan Law Review Volume 82 (Also available on

  • Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights and the “Counter-Majoritarian Difficulty”: The Notwithstanding Clause and Fundamental Justice as Touchstones for the Charter Debate
  • Climate Change, Constitutions, and Courts: The Reference Re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act and Beyond
  • Federalism, Subsidiarity, and Carbon Taxes
  • Federalism and Farm Debt During the Great Depression: Political Impetuses for The Farmers’ Creditors Arrangement Act, 1934
  • Book reviews of:
    • Enforcing Exclusions: Precarious Migrants and the Law in Canada by Sarah Grayce Marsden.
    • A Conviction in Question: The First Trial at the International Criminal Court by Jim Freedman.
    • Health Care and the Charter: Legal Mobilization and Policy Change in Canada by Christopher P. Manfredi and Antonia Maioni.
    • The Charter Debates: The Special Joint Committee on the Constitution, 1980-81, and the Making of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms edited by Adam M. Dodek.
    • Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession by Elaine Craig.
    • Who Controls the Hunt? First Nations, Treaty Rights and Wildlife Conservation in Ontario, 1783-1939 by David Calverley.
    • First Peoples Law: Essays on Canadian Law and Decolonization by Bruce McIvor, 3d ed.
    • Drug-Impaired Driving in Canada by Nathan Baker.
    • Victimology: A Canadian Perspective by Jo-Anne M. Wemmers.
    • Assisted Reproduction Policy in Canada: Framing, Federalism, and Failure by Dave Snow.

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice Volume 36 (Also available on

  • Introduction – Corporate Social Responsibility Viewed Recently
  • Green Illusions: Governing CSR Aesthetics
  • Dominium and the Empire of Laws
  • The Impact of Whistleblowing Awards Programs on Corporate Governance
  • The Global Social Enterprise Lawmaking Phenomenon: State Initiatives on Purpose, Capital, and Taxation