Now that’s it’s October, Halloween isn’t far behind. If you are looking for some scary cases to read, check out about what happens when a seller doesn’t disclose a possible poltergeist in 1784773 Ontario Inc. v. K-W Labour Assn. Inc., 2013 ONSC 5401, 2013 CarswellOnt 13500. Or, find out if it’s slander to claim specters haunt a North End home in Nagy v. Manitoba Free Press Co., 1907 CanLII 193 (MB CA)

Take a look at some of the texts the library has to offer to help with any legal nightmares

· Legal responsibilities of real estate agents — 3rd ed. By Rosemary Bocska and Martin K.I. Rumack

· Caveat emptor and the pros and cons of greater sellers’ disclosure  CPD

· 2019 hot topics in real estate (Stigmatized property) CPD

· The law of libel in Canada — 4th ed. Peter A. Downard

· Brown on Defamation

Also be sure to check out this article on HeinOnline about a case where a house was legally declared haunted.

Keep reading for some tips on finding related resources for titles like; AIDS, Ghosts, Murder: Must Real Estate Brokers and Sellers Disclose, or Caveat Spiritus: A Jurisdictional Reflection upon the Law of Haunted Houses and Ghosts

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