February 25, 2022 – In light of recent changes to provincial public health orders, the three Manitoba Courts have released a new notice regarding a reopening plan.

With the goal of a June 27th full reopening, in the coming weeks each of the Courts will be announcing a transition to an increased level of service for its respective Court.

This will be applied in all Manitoba court facilities as follows:

Support Persons — April 18, 2022: As of April 18th, there will be an increase from two to five support persons allowed per accused, victim, or child witness.

Masks — May 16, 2022: Until May 16th, masks will continue to be required by all attendees to any court facility in the Province. Masks are available at the entry to all court facilities. Without proof of exemption, any attendees without a mask will be refused entry or asked to leave. Although no longer required after May 16th, mask use will continue to be supported as a means of minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, unless requested otherwise by a presiding judge in the context of a hearing.

Public Access — June 27, 2022: Unlimited access to the courts by members of the public will resume on June 27th. As of this date, there will no longer be any COVID-19 related restrictions in place.

The full notice can be read here.

For all COVID related notices, see the Manitoba Courts webpage.

The library will be closed on Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day