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Estate Trusts & Pensions Journal

  • “Pour-Over Wills Revisited: A Case Comment on MacCallum” Timothy C. Matthews 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 345
  • “Pour-Over Will Clauses: Do Ontario Lawyers Now Need to Pore over Their Will Precedents? A Case Comment on Vilenski v. Weinrib-Wolfman” Ian Lebane 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 351
  • “Playing It Safe: How to Proceed as Executor when a Will May Be Invalid” Suzana Popovic-Montag 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 360
  • “Incapable and Capable Rights: The Rights of Adults in Vulnerable Circumstances–Sledgehammer v. Swiss Army Knife” M. Jasmine Sweatman 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 385

University of Toronto Law Journal

  • “Popular Sovereignty and Constitutional Democracy.” Philip Pettit. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 251.
  • “The City in the Constitutional Imagination.” Martin Loughlin. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 356.
  • “Giving Reasons as a Means to Enhance Compliance with Legal Norms.” Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir, et al. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 316.
  • “On the Breach: Identifying Infringements of Section 35 Rights.” Kerry Wilkins. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 287.

The Advocates’ Journal

  • “Look back” 41 Adv J No. 1, 3
  • “Classics from the vault: Factum writing” Ian Scott 41 Adv J No. 1, 7 – 10
  • “Litigation is battle: A metaphor to rethink” Anna S. P. Wong 41 Adv J No. 1, 12 – 17
  • “Controlling adverse and hostile witnesses” Madison Robins 41 Adv J No. 4, 18 – 20
  • “Enforcing Limitations of Liability in Quebec: A Six-Step Analysis” Michael Shortt 41 Adv J No. 1, 24 – 33
  • “La caractère exécutoire des limitations de responsabilité au Québec : une analyse en six étapes” 41 Adv J No. 1, 25 – 33
  • “Reflections: Walter Williston, Arthur Lucas, and Me” Michael Shortt 41 Adv J No. 1, 35 – 37
  • “Time for Time-Limited Trials” Kevin LaRoche and David Salter 41 Adv J No. 1, 38 – 41
  • “Unravelling the Mystery of the False Light Tort” Justin Safayeni and Yadesha Satheaswaran 41 Adv J No. 1, 42 – 44

Queen’s Law Journal

  • “Hearsay And Its Limits In Extradition Proceedings: Is the Use Of Supplementary Records of the Case to Rebut Allegations of Misconduct Constitutional?” Stacey M. Purser 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 1 – 29
  • “Post-Bedford: Judicial Variance In Applying Canada’s New Sex Work Regime” Elisa Carbonaro 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 30 – 69
  • “Intangible Justice? Intellectual Property Disputes and Canadian Small Claims Courts” Anthony Rosborough & Reagan Seidler 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 70 – 98
  • “Local Code: Subsidiarity And The Canadian Criminal Jury” Michael Plaxton 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 99 – 127

Canadian Journal of Law and Society

  • “Ethics and Confidentiality: Reflections and Lessons Learned Post-Parent and Bruckert v R and Magnotta” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 187
  • “The Attorney General, Politics, and the Public Interest: Contributions to an Evolving Constitutional Convention” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 209
  • “Pouvoir Normatif et Crise Sanitaire à la Lumière du Droit Tunisien” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 229
  • “The Elusive Quest for French on the Bench: Bilingualism Scores for Canadian Supreme Court Justices, 1985-2013 37” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 249
  • “Coming in from the Cold: Canada’s National Housing Strategy, Homelessness, and the Right to Housing in a Transnational Perspective” 37No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 273
  • “Responding to Regulatory Barriers to “Ethical Meat”: Are On-Farm Slaughter Exemptions the Solution?” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 295
  • “Legalizing Illegal Mass Surveillance: A Transnational Perspective on Canada’s Legislative Response to the Expansion of Security Intelligence” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 317
    • Book reviews
    • “Sara Ahmed: Complaint! Durham: Duke University Press, 2021. 376 pp.” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 34
    • “Grégory Salle: Qu’est-Ce Que le Crime Environnemental? Paris: Seuil, Coll. Anthropocène, 2022, 288 P.” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 343

Canadian Journal of Law and Technology

  • “Let the Machines Do the Dirty Work: Social Media, Machine Learning Technology and the Iteration of Racialized Surveillance” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 1 Subhah Wadhawan
  • “Technologies of Servitude Understanding Firmware TPMs as Interests in Personal Property” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 39 Anthony D. Rosborough
  • “From Nyan Cat to NFTs: Determining How Canada’s Cultural Property Export and Import Act Applies to Digital Works” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 73 Mitchel Fleming, J.D., B.C.L., B.Mus.
  • “Officially Obsolete? A Critical Examination of the Canadian Official Marks Regime and Its Waning Relevancy in Trademark Law” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 91 Maddison Tebbutt
  • “Delineating the Legal Framework for Data Protection: A Fundamental Rights Approach or Data Propertization?” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 23 Efe Lawrence Ogbeide

Criminal Law Quarterly

  • “Notes and Comments” 70 C.L.Q. 424 Kent W. Roach
  • “Pathways to Police Adoption of Body and Dash Cameras in Canada: How and Why Parliament Should Intervene” 70 C.L.Q. 429 Robert Diab and Marshall Putnam
  • “Steven Truscott and the Frailty of the Criminal Process” 70 C.L.Q. 460 Martin L. Friedland
  • “You Have the Right to Be Read Something That You Probably Won’t Understand: Comprehensibility of the Right to Counsel” 70 C.L.Q. 485 Meryl Friedland and Dr. Andrew Haag
  • “A Person, by Any Other Name” 70 C.L.Q. 509 Michael Johnston
  • “Who Will Prosecute The Prosecutors? On the Need for Our Law Societies to Discipline Crown Attorneys, Failing Crown Culture, and Wrongful Convictions” 70 C.L.Q. 529 Nick Kaschuk
  • “Trouble for Starting Points?” 70 C.L.Q. 545 Paul L. Moreau
  • “In the Aftermath of R. v. Anthony-Cook: A Study of the Effects of the Supreme Court’s Decision on Ontario’s Public Interest Test for the Rejection of a Joint Submission on Sentence (2012-2021)” 70 C.L.Q. 552 Robert H. Tanha

Insolvency Institute of Canada Articles

  • “Solvency and Sustainability — ESG Risks and Considerations in Canadian Insolvencies” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-10
  • “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Sealing Orders and the Impact of the Sherman Estates Decision on Insolvency Law” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-9
  • “Beyond Bluberi — Practical and International Perspectives on Litigation Funding” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-2
  • “Canadian Debt — Our Next Pandemic? Restructuring & Insolvency Implication of Canada’s Debt Burden Insolvency” Institute of Canada (Articles) I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-3
  • “The Pandemic — An Unconventional Review of Where We Are and Where We Should Go From Here” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-11
  • “If You Stop Building It, What Will Come? Construction and Real Estate Development Restructurings: A Discussion of Key Issues and Approaches in Recent Proceedings” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-5
  • “Insolvency at Sea: Interplay between Insolvency and Admiralty Jurisprudence” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-6
  • “CCAA Supplier Protection: A System in Need of Reform — A Critical Perspective on the Current Framework Guiding the Relationship Between Post-CCAA Filing Suppliers and Debtor Companies” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-4
  • “To Approve or Not Approve — That is the Question: The Court’s Discretion when Considering to Approve an Asset Sale in the Absence of a Court-Approved Sales Process” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-12
  • “A Principled Approach to Monitor Investigations” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-1
  • “Letters Of Credit — Has the Ontario Court of Appeal Provided Clarity or Caused More Confusion on Letters of Credit?” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-7
  • “Shared Liabilities in Insolvency Proceedings — Analysis and Considerations” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-8

Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers

  • “Preface” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. v
  • “Cumulative Impact Claims: Not Just Another Delay Claim” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 1
  • “Time Is up: Mandating Municipal Green Construction Initiatives in Canada” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 111
  • “Integrating Third-Party Interests in Major Infrastructure Projects: A Real Test to Contractual Risk Sharing” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 157
  • “Certainty Certainly Is a Good Thing: The Interpretation and Object of the British Columbia Builders Lien Act” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 33
  • “Has the Music Stopped?–Public Access to Construction Arbitration Decisions in Canada” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 91
  • “Amending Lien Legislation–Renovate or Rebuild” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 43
  • “P3 Concession Agreements–Risks and Rewards” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 127