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  • European Law Open (ELO) Vol. 1#1-3 (2022) Published by Cambridge University Press
  • Journal of Policy & Governance (JGP) Vols. 1-2#1 (2021-2022) Published by The Grassroots Institute
  • Law Review Vols. 1-12#1 (2011-2022) Published by Universul Juridic Publishing House
  • Legalities: The Journal of Law and Society in Australia and New Zealand Vols. 1-2#1 (2021-2022) Published by Edinburgh University Press for Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ)
  • Loyola University Chicago Journal of Regulatory Compliance (JRC) Vols. 1-8 (2016-2022)
  • Published by Loyola University Chicago School of Law
  • Yearbook of the Law Faculty in Sarajevo (Godisnjak Pravnog Fakulteta u Sarajevu) Vols. 1-64 (1953-2021) Published by University in Sarajevo, Faculty of Law

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Canadian Journal of Family Law

  • “The Influence of Landmark Judgments and Statutory Changes on the Family Litigation Explosion: A Citation Network Analysis” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 141 Joseph Hickey, Lyndsay Campbell, Jörn Davidsen
  • “The Children Parliament Left Behind: Examining the Inequity of Funding in An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 45 Rachel Garrett
  • “(Mis)Recognition of Customary Marriages: A Comparative Analysis of Canadian and South African Family Law” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 67 Corbin William Golding
  • “Psychological Abuse Claims in Family Law Courts in BC: Legal Applications and Gaps” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 1 Haya Sakakini
  • “A Gender-Based Approach to Historical Child Support: Comment on Colucci v Colucci” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 209 Jodi Lazare , Kelsey Warr
  • “Children’s Place and Voice in Quebec’s Child Protection Proceedings” 4 Can. J. Fam. L. 119 Mona Paré , Émilie De Bellefeuille
  • “La Fragilisation du Lien de Confiance au Sein de L’intervention Sociale en Protection de la Jeunesse: Peut-on Blâmer le Droit?” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 79 Marilyn Coupienne
  • “La Réception Au Québec Des Gestations Pour Autrui Délocalisées: La Filiation Post-Tourisme Procréatif En Mal D’institution” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 1 Harith Al-Dabbagh

National Journal of Constitutional Law

  • “The Charter’s Federal Spine: Why Are Certain Charter Rights Immune from the Notwithstanding Clause?” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 169 Marion Sandilands, Danielle Bennett
  • “Challenging Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act: Migrant Farmworkers’ Health & the Right to Equality” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 131 Samuel Mazzuca
  • “The Cost of Inequality: A Commentary on the Most Recent Decision from the Federal Court in Canada’s Legal Battle Against First Nations Children” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 115 Véronique Bureau Mortimer, Widad Damou, Sarah-Claude L’Ecuyer, Laurie St-Pierre
  • “Les Droits Des Enfants Valent le Coût: Un Commentaire Sur la Plus Récente Décision de la Cour Fédérale Dans la Bataille Juridique du Canada Contre les Enfants Des Premières Nations” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 123 Véronique Bureau Mortimer, Widad Damou, Sarah-Claude L’Ecuyer, Laurie St-Pierre

Intellectual Property Journal

  • “Reflections on Thesis Writing” 35 I.P.J. 1 David Vaver
  • “Decoding DaVinci: A Novel Approach to Accountability and Liability for Medical Devices Operated through Artificial Intelligence Based on “AI Work Made for Hire” Model” 35 I.P.J. 37 Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, Jonathan Fenster
  • “The 14th Annual Sir Hugh Laddie Lecture Mr. Justice Laddie and His Intellectual Property Cases: Of Millefeuilles and a Fish Called Elvis” 35 I.P.J. 7 David Vaver
  • “Bill C-27, Proposed Amendments to Canada’s Federal Privacy Legislation Affecting Private Sector Organizations” 35 I.P.J. 71 Jennifer R. Davidson, Richard Austin, Anna Troshchynsky, Victoria Di Felice

Canada-United States Law journal

  • “Lunchtime Awards Ceremony”  46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 64 Honoring Mary Lynn Becker, Roy Norton
  • “Speaker Biographies” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 2
  • “Welcome And Opening Of The 45th CUSLI Annual Conference”  46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 12 Stephen J. Petras, Jr., Michael Scharf, Erika Chamberlain
  • “Canadian Distinguished Lecture” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 53 The Hon. Peter MacKay
  • “The Protection Of Environmental Law Under Nafta And Cusma: A Canadian Perspective” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 239 George Moshenski-Dubov
  • “United States Distinguished Lecture” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 67 James Dehart
  • “Tensions And Opportunity In Arctic Development And Stewardship”  46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 77 Jonathan Adler, Charles Doran, Rosemary McCarney, Martha Hall Findlay, Hugh Short
  • “14 Annual Canada-United States Law Institute Distinguished Lecture – American Backlash, Canadian Compromise: Are Canadians And Americans Converging Or Diverging?” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 119 Mr. Michael Adams, C.M.
  • “Google V Oracle: A Comment And A Call To Action” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 272 Justine Pileggi
  • “Indigenous Leadership On Climate Change And The Arctic” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 98 Wayne D. Garnons-Williams, Dalee Sambo Dorough, Heather Exner-Pirot, Kitty Gordon
  • “The Role Of The Law In Native Sovereignty: A Comparison Of Canadian And American Approaches To Sovereignty” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 253 Clare J. Soria
  • “The Arctic As Emerging Geopolitical Flashpoint” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 32 Robert Huebert, Michael Byers, Martin La Cour-Andersen, Rebecca Pincus, Jonathan Quinn
  • “Climate Change’s Profound Disruption Of The Arctic” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 16 Mike Sfagra, Hajo Eicken, Marcel Babin
  • “The View From The Border: A Comparative Analysis Of Securities Regulations For Cryptocurrencies In The United States And Canada” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 167 Rose Lewis “China’s Bri On The Polar Silk Road: Evolving Labor Agenda In The Arctic” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 138 Ronald C. Brown

McGill Law Journal

  • “Litigating Cross-Border Aboriginal Title Claims in Canada: The Possibility (and Necessity) of a Federal Legislative Response to Newfoundland and Labrador (Attorney General) v. Uashaunnuat (Innu of Uashat and of Mani-Utenam)” 67 McGill L.J. 207 Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre
  • “De la Fiducie de Données en Droit Civil Québécois: Étude Exploratoire Pour un Outil en Construction” 67 McGill L.J. 119 Anne-Sophie Hulin “Legal Pluralism and Analytical Jurisprudence: An Inapposite Contrast” 67 McGill L.J. 157 Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora
  • “Legal Pluralism and Analytical Jurisprudence: An Inapposite Contrast” 67 McGill L.J. 157 Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora
If you are looking for articles from other journals, library staff has access to the following titles.
  • African Journal of Legal Studies
  • Banking and Finance Law Review
  • Canadian Business Law Journal
  • Canadian Criminal Law Review
  • Canadian Family Law Quarterly
  • Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Society
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Technology
  • Copyright & New Media Law (f/k/a/ Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter)
  • Criminal Law Quarterly
  • Education and Law Journal
  • Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal
  • For the Defence; Newsletter of the Criminal Lawyers Association (Ont.)
  • Health Law Journal (Canada)
  • Health Law Review
  • HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review
  • Indigenous Law Journal
  • Insolvency Institute of Canada Articles
  • Intellectual Property Journal
  • Journal of Business Valuation
  • Journal of Environmental Law and Practice
  • Journal of International Law and International Relations
  • Journal of Law & Equality
  • Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law
  • Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers
  • National Journal of Constitutional Law
  • Resources: The Newsletter of the Canadian Institute of Resources Law| 
  • Revue de la common law en français
  • Revue VIH/sida, droit et politiques| 
  • The Advocates’ Journal (f/k/a The Advocates’ Society Journal)| 
  • The Advocates’ Quarterly
  • University of British Columbia Law Review| 
  • University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal
  • University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review
  • University of Toronto Law Journal
  • Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues

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