Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal, Volume 42 Number 4. August 2023

From the law reports

  • “Case comment on Grattan Estates” 42 ETPJ 387

“The court in Grattan Estate, Referenced the Manitoba Court of Appeal’s decision in George v. Daily, where it was stated that ‘the crucial question to be answered is whether there was a deliberate or fixed and final expression of intention as to the disposal of his or her property on death.'”


  • “A Coach and Four Horses: Roaming the Legislative Gap of British Columbia’s Wills Variation Regime” 42 ETPJ 394
  • “Alberta’s New Trustee Act” 42 ETPJ 418
  • “Dispositive Delusions Affecting Wills: Part One – The Legal Perspective and Challenges Posed by Definitions” 42 ETPJ 435

“Capacity assessment and litigation in estate matters frequently involve collaboration between lawyers and physicians. While ‘delusion’ is a term that appears frequently in both legal and medical work, the professions differ in their understanding of the definition.'”

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Canadian Criminal Law Review

  • “The Ties That Bind Us Together: Precedent and the Role of Appellate Courts in Setting Sentencing Ranges and Starting Points” 27 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 1
  • “Is the Right to Counsel a Nuisance?” 27 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 37
  • “State Action in Action: The Charter’s Application in Criminal Investigations” 27 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 61
  • “Survol des Facteurs Circonstanciels Relatifs à la Possession en Matière Criminelle” 27 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 97

Canadian Journal of Law and Technology

  • “The Future of Data Protection Enforcement in Canada: Lessons from the GDPR”21 Can. J. L. & Tech. 1
  • “Slouching Toward Regulation: Assessing Bill 88 as a Solution for Workplace Surveillance Harms” 21 Can. J. L. & Tech. 23
  • “When Your Boss Is an Algorithm: Preserving Canadian Employment Standards in the Digital Economy” 321 Can. J. L. & Tech. 47
  • “The Challenge Designing Intermediary Liability Laws” 21 Can. J. L. & Tech. 67
  • “The Need for Cyber Resilience of Space Assets: Law and Policy Considerations of Ensuring Cybersecurity in Outer Space” 21 Can. J. L. & Tech. 99

University of Toronto Law Journal

  • “How Victims Matter: Rethinking the Significance of the Victim in Criminal Theory” 73 U. Toronto L.J. 263
  • “Rethinking Relational Architecture: Interpersonal Justice Beyond Private Law” 73 U. Toronto L.J. 293
  • “Flexibility, Choice, and Labour Law: The Challenge of On-Demand Platforms” 73 U. Toronto L.J. 348

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