Search and Seizure, and Fraud Cases now available

Now available online behind the member’s portal are two titles from Emond’s Criminal Law series.

Search and Seizure
by Nader Hasan, Mabel Lai, David Schermbrucker, and Randy Schwartz

Search and Seizure provides a practical examination of the evolving body of legal rules and principles that govern how reasonable searches and seizures are conducted. In particular, it considers the increased complexity of assessing a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy in the digital age. This handbook addresses central concerns and relevant topics such as Section 487 Search Warrants, computer device searches, warrantless searches, and exclusion of evidence.”

Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases — 2nd edition
by Grace Hession David, Ian Smith, and Jonathan Shime

Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases: A Practitioner’s Handbook, 2nd Edition prepares readers to properly litigate fraud cases, examining both prosecutorial and defence perspectives. Guiding readers step by step throughout the process of a fraud case, this practical resource weaves strategic information with case law analysis and relevant provisions of the Criminal Code.

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New and Updated Texts, Journals, and Looseleafs

Print Books

The Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering — 3rd ed.

by Beverley M. McLachlin and Arthur M. Grant

“As explained in the preface to this new volume, in the more than 25 years since the second edition of The Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering was published, the practice and law related to architecture and engineering have changed in important ways, including “the increased mobility of architects and engineers within Canada and internationally and the legal requirements imposed on professionals from outside of the country, and the importance of addressing the environmental impact of building projects.” All of these significant changes are addressed in this third edition of The Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering.”

Digital Commerce in Canada

by Michael Deturbide  and Teresa Scassa 

“Formerly known as Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada, the second edition of this book won the 2013 Walter Owen Book Prize – and this new title is sure to garner praise of the same magnitude. Written by leading experts in the field, Digital Commerce in Canada provides an in-depth look at digital transactions, and in particular the contractual nature of the relationships that form the basis of those transactions. The book also provides extensive consideration of private sector data protection law and its application.”

Cross-Examination: The Pinpoint Method

by Kyla Lee

“Cross-examination is the most difficult skill to learn, and it is also the easiest to use incorrectly and ineffectively.” Avoid falling into that trap by adopting the pinpoint method of cross-examination today.”

Digital Titles

From DesLibris

Canadian Competition Law and Policy

by John S. Tyhurst

“While this book is focused on the law, the discussion also touches on topics related to the broader subject of competition policy, which deals with such matters as how competition legislation is designed and implemented, and its interplay with regulatory and other government policies that may affect the competitive market.  An emerging issue in this respect is the conduct of dominant firms in digital and data-driven markets, and the extent to which competition law is equipped to address this conduct or may need to adapt or change to do so. Canadian Competition Law and Policy addresses other fascinating and challenging examples of industry structures (such as oligopolistic markets) and market conduct (such as tied selling and predatory pricing) that require a blend of business, economics, law and related disciplines for their analysis.”


We carry a number of annually updated looseleafs in many areas of law. The most recently updated titles this month are:

The Law of Municipal Liability

Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law

Class Actions Law and Practice

Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual

Canadian Legal Practice

Newly added Print Titles

We have received a number of new titles to add to our print collection. Although the library is not open quite yet, we can still arrange for loans for any of these new items. Email us for more info at

A Guide to Mental Disorder Law in Canadian Criminal Justice, by Michael Davies, Anita Szigeti, Meaghan McMahon, and Jill R. Presser
“This authoritative text on mental disorder matters in Canadian criminal justice will assist counsel in all such proceedings. The volume sets out the applicable law and provides practical advice on mental disorder cases. It is a comprehensive guide to criminal litigation involving vulnerable accused persons who may be unfit to stand trial, considering whether to seek a verdict of “Not Criminally Responsible” and navigating through the complex provisions within Part XX.1, the Mental Disorder Provisions of the Code.

Lawyer’s Professional Liability — 4th ed. by Stephen Grant, Linda Rothstein, and John Adair
“This essential resource offers practical guidance for avoiding legal malpractice claims and is particularly relevant for any lawyer involved in adjudicating, litigating or settling legal malpractice suits. Now in its fourth edition, this reference volume features the latest jurisprudence and updated content to reflect the current state of lawyers’ professional liability, making it a vital addition to every lawyer’s bookshelf.”

General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law — 3rd ed. by Barbara Billingsley

Whether you are preparing and arguing insurance cases in court, assessing the enforceability of an insurance contract, or advising clients about their insurance contracts – General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law, 3rd Edition provides the straightforward analysis and valuable insight you need to be at your most effective. This comprehensive publication focuses exclusively on Canadian insurance law general principles, and is now fully updated to take into account the latest developments in case law and insurance regulation.

A Guide to Canadian Money-Laundering Legislation — 6th ed. by Suhuyini Abudulai
“As an active participant in international efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing activity, Canada has continued to revise its legislation to enhance the country’s capacity to protect its financial system and to meet international standards.

Now in its Sixth Edition, this legal reference is updated by Suhuyini Abudulai to keep you abreast of the latest amendments to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and its associated regulations.”

Judicial Review of Immigration Decisions by Lorne Waldman
“Unlike other applicants, those looking for judicial review of such decisions have to clear the additional hurdle of seeking leave to commence their application. Judicial Review of Immigration Decisions offers expert insight and practical advice on every step of the judicial review process – from filing the initial motion for leave to appealing a decision of the Federal Court of Appeal. In addition, this text provides detailed interpretation of the applicable Federal Courts Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules, as well as in-depth analysis of the relevant jurisprudence.”

Nathan and Goldfarb’s Company Meetings for Share Capital — 12th ed. by Hartley R. Nathan, and Clifford S. Goldfarb

“Now in its 12th edition, the newly retitled Nathan & Goldfarb’s Company Meetings for Share Capital and Non-Share Capital Corporations discusses the rules of procedure specific to meetings of directors, shareholders, and members for share capital and non-share capital corporations.”

Newly Added Library Titles

Online Collection

From the Emond’s Criminal Law Series (behind the member’s portal)

Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases – 2nd ed. by Daniel Brown and Jill Witkin
“Crown prosecutor Jill Witkin and defence lawyer Daniel Brown offer an extensive examination of the legal processes involved in litigating sexual offences. This bestseller is designed to help practitioners focus on the procedural, evidentiary, and strategic elements specific to sexual offence cases. These elements include search issues, children’s evidence, cross-examination on private records, and sentencing.”

From desLibris (behind the member’s portal)

The Law of Contracts – 3rd ed. by John McCamus
“Incorporates reference to recent Canadian cases on doctrines such as estoppel, privity, interpretation, and appellate review, and discussion of recent leading authorities dealing with such matters as contractual interpretation and the application of the basic principles of formation to e-commerce.
The Law of Contracts is an indispensible resource for anyone interested in modern Canadian contract law.”

Print Collection

Sopinka on the Trial of an Action – 4th Edition, by J. Kenneth McEwan
First published in 1981, this classic manual offers invaluable insight into trial techniques from the perspective of The Late Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka who was one of the nation’s leading litigators before his appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Liability Insurance Law in Canada – 7th Edition, by Gordon G. Hilliker
“When you’re facing a liability insurance issue, it’s critical to seek expert advice. With this seventh edition of Gordon Hilliker’s Liability Insurance Law in Canada, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Logically organized and concisely written in clear terms by one of the country’s foremost insurance law practitioners, Liability Insurance Law in Canada has been referred to by every trial and appellate court in the nation, including the Supreme Court of Canada.”

New edition of “Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases” now available online.

The second edition of Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases by Daniel Brown and Jill Witkin, is now available to member’s online through the Member’s Portal.

Sexual Offence Cases 2e

This new edition contains “new chapters on historical sexual offences and cross-examination on private records, and reflects changes in Bill C-51 pertaining to third party records, other sexual history, and consent. Analysis of case law and relevant Criminal Code provisions have been integrated throughout in order to effectively guide readers through the flow of a sexual offence case.”

Also included:

  • Discussion of the new s. 278.92 regime that governs the use of records in sexual offence cases;
  • New section dealing with “myths and stereotypes” in relation to the complainant as well as the accused;
  • Key commentary, from both Crown and defence, on advocacy and trial strategy.

This title is the fourth volume in Emond’s Criminal Law Series. Check out the rest of the series in the Library Resources section of the Member’s Portal.