New additions to our contracts collection this month include an updated edition of a popular title as well as a new text on construction contracts. After reading through these texts you may wish to take a break from contract interpretations and construction with this article on HeinOnline from the New York University Law Review that has a collection of poems based on notable Contract Law cases, including ones like this about the famous Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. case

Fair notice is normally due
When the bargained-for action is through.
With the marvelous ball,
There’s no notice at all,
‘Til its purchaser catches the flu.

Douglass G. Boshkoff, “Selected Poems on the Law of Contracts” (1991) 66:5 NYU L Rev 1533.

For even more literary legal lyrics you can visit openparliament’s Haiku page which has a random generator created from Hansard records that follow the traditional 5/7/5 syllables pattern of a haiku.

New Titles

Law of Contracts — 8th Edition, by Stephen Waddams

The Law of Contracts is an essential element of Canadian contract law and is frequently cited by Canadian courts at all levels. With seven previous editions spanning over 40 years, Stephen Waddams’ The Law of Contracts has earned an esteemed place in Canadian jurisprudence. The Supreme Court of Canada and lower courts consider it as an authority and regularly turn to it for its sound analysis of the principles underlying the law.

This book contains an appraisal of relevant Supreme Court of Canada cases decided since the last edition, including recent cases on intention, interpretation, good faith, and unconscionability.

The Canadian Construction Contracts Guidebook, by Elliot Smith

The Canadian Construction Contracts Guidebook is a must-have for any person who is involved in a construction project in Canada, whether they be owners, contractors, consultants, subcontractors, material suppliers, lawyers, or insurance and surety advisor. It addresses issues from the perspective of how best to establish the contractual arrangement, as opposed to addressing contract administration issues or trying to resolve a dispute after it has arisen on a construction project.

The book also provides helpful context and a guide to understanding many of the issues faced in negotiating a construction contract. It provides practical suggestions and alternatives to addressing contract issues as well as sample clauses in respect of the issues that frequently arise in the negotiation of a construction contract.

Other Contract Law texts

For more resources check out the rest of our collection with these authoratative texts.

Digital/Online Texts

vLex – available through the Member’s Portal

The Law of Contracts — 2nd ed., John McCamus

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