New Library Resource

The Law of Bail in Canada — 3rd edition by Gary T. Trotter is now available for loan.

A continually updated resource that covers all aspects of judicial interim releases from all jurisdictions across Canada. The latest release highlights recent legislative developments from amendments to the Criminal Code and Youth Criminal Justice acts, as well as discussions to changing terminology.

As always, the library can provide electronic excerpts or sections of the text, within copyright guidelines, by email for those unable to make it to the library in person. Just send us an email with your request.

New Online Titles

These titles have been newly added to our online collection on DesLibris which is available behind the Member’s Portal:

The Law of Torts – 6th edition by Philip H. Osborne
“The sixth edition explores current trends in judicial decision-making by incorporating significant developments in the law, including a discussion of Supreme Court decisions in the areas of psychiatric injury in negligence law, the scope of the duty of care in negligent misrepresentation, and the role of intervening causes in negligence litigation. The text also discusses new initiatives in the areas of privacy, the responsibility of lawyers who refer their clients to other professionals, human trafficking, and anti-SLAPP legislation.”

International and Transnational Criminal Law – 3rd edition by Robert J. Currie and Joseph Rikhof
“This third edition updates caselaw and international practice from Canada, including substantial revisions relating to the prosecution of cross-border crimes. It also combines examinations of international courts and tribunals, transnational criminal law treaties, and recent literature to provide a unique perspective on these two international law disciplines that, while best viewed as separate, retain a common heritage and some overlapping concepts and applications.”

The Canadian Class Action Review, Vol. 15, No. 2

  • Introduction, Harvey T Strosberg
  • Linking Societal Injustice and Legalization: Potential of Canadian Class Actions in Addressing International Human Rights Violations Committed by Canadian Corporations Abroad, Terra Duchene
  • Class Actions, Climate Change, and the Charter: Is Success Possible in Common Law Canada?, Eliza Lynn Brown
  • Public Health Inquiries and the Class Action Fall-Out, Barry Glaspell
  • L’oratoire Saint-Joseph Du Mont-Royal V JJ and the Growing Complexity of Quebec’s Authorization Criteria, Shaun E Finn
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It; If You’re Not Sure, Measure Again: Strengthening the Imperfect Mechanics of Class Authorization, Patrick Visintini
  • Crown Immunity in Class Proceedings: The Injustice of Barring Institutional Historical Abuse Claims, Emily Leduc Gagné

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Journal Updates

New issues of the following journals are now available through WestlawNext Canada and Lexis Advance Quicklaw.
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From WestlawNext Canada:

Journal of Environmental Law and Practice, Vol. 33

  • Bill 4 and the Removal of Cap and Trade: A Case Study of Carbon Pricing, Climate Change Law and Public Participation in Ontario, Canada
  • Heidegger on Technology: Towards a Less-Anthropocentric, Multi-Disciplinary Legal Definition of “Sustainable”?
  • An Initial Evaluation of Canada’s New Sustainability-Based Impact Assessment Act

University of Toronto Law Journal, Vol. 70

  • Irit Samet, Equity: Conscience Goes to Market
  • The Patriation of Canadian Corporate Law
  • Institutions Protecting Constitutional Democracy: Some Conceptual and Methodological Preliminaries
  • Criminal Law in an Age of Mass Incarceration
  • Criminalization, Legal Moralism, and Abolition
  • Marriage, Work, and the Invention of Family Law in English Legal Thought

McGill Journal of Law and Health, Vol. 13

  • Physician Dismissal of Vaccine Refusers: A Legal and Ethical Analysis
  • Surgical Informed Consent and Recognizing a Perioperative Duty to Disclose in Transgender Health Care
  • Could Open Be the Yellow Brick Road to Innovation in Genomics in North America?
  • Le Parcours Judiciaire Des Victimes D’Insalubrité (Le Cas De La Moisissure)

University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review, Vol. 78

  • The Circumstances of Change: Understanding the Bedford/Carter Exceptions to Vertical Stare Decisis
  • Rumours of Corruption: Referrals from the World Bank Sanctions System to National Law Enforcement Authorities
  • Fixing the Odds: Designing Intelligent Loot Box Policy in the Canadian Context

 National Journal of Constitutional Law, Vol. 40

  • Telling Stories: The Crown, Parliament and Canada
  • Flexible and Cooperative Federalism: Distinguishing the Two Approaches in the Interpretation and Application of the Division of Powers
  • R. v. Comeau: Expert Evidence at Trial
  • Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal Bungles the School Boards’ Human Rights Duty to Accommodate Students with Disabilities–J.F. v. Waterloo Catholic District School Board—An Erroneous Rejection of a Student’s Request to Bring His Autism Service Dog to School

Canadian Criminal Law Review, Vol. 25

  • The Shifting Focus of Canadian Impaired Driving Enforcement: The Increased Role of Provincialand Territorial Administrative Sanctions
  • At the Mercy of the Court: Canadian Sentencing Principles and the Concept of Mercy
  • Objective Fault, Strict Liability, and Javanmardi
  • R. c. Javanmardi ou la Simplicité Trompeuse

From Lexis Advance QuickLaw

Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 97 (also available on CanLII)

  • Shopkeeper’s Privilege: Coming to a Store Near You?, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 559 – 589
  • Predictive Coding: Adopting and Adapting Artificial Intelligence in Civil Litigation, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 486 – 525
  • A Trojan Horse: Can Indian Self-Government be Promoted Through the Indian Act?, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 697 – 720
  • Reconciliation and Ethical Lawyering: Some Thoughts on Cultural Competence, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 527 – 557

New Library Resources

The Library has recently added the following new Continuing Professional Development resources to our collection.

  • Companies Online – A Live System Demonstration
  • Drafting Wills 101
  • Estate Administration 101
  • 2018 Hot Topics in Real Estate
  • Evidence “Rules” Every Family Law Lawyers Needs to Know
  • All About Bail Applications
  • The Bills of Exchange Act
  • 2019 Hot Topics in Real Estate

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New Library Resources

The library has added the following books to its print collection and are now available for loan:

Impaired Driving in Canada The Charter Cases, by Justice Joseph F. Kenkel – 4th ed. KF 2231 .K463 2019
This book offers an examination of relevant Charter issues and cases, touching on everything from roadside investigation, right to counsel and testing at the station/hospital, through to disclosure, trial preparation and Charter procedure at trial. It also includes a chapter on the legal framework for constitutional challenges to the Bill C-46 legislation.

 Canadian Contract Law, by Angela Swan, Jakub Adamski, Annie Y. Na – 4th ed. KF 801 .S93 2018
Provides access to leading Canadian contract cases. Expert commentary and analysis focuses on recent developments in the law and on how courts have treated and interpreted contracts as a whole.

 Taxation of Business Organizations in Canada, by David G. Duff, Geoffrey Loomer – 2nd ed.
KF 6499 .ZA2 .D83 2019
Covering topics from partnership taxation and corporate income taxation, to the taxation of corporate distributions and shareholder benefits and loans, as well as corporate reorganizations, this book is the go-to resource for the most up-to-date case law, commentary and analysis.

Non-Citizens in Canada Status and Rights, by Emily Carasco – 2nd ed. KF 4483 .I5 C37 2019
This timely immigration law guidebook addresses an important legal topic – the legal status of non-citizens in Canada. For the first time, an entire text has been devoted to this increasingly significant area within immigration law and policy.

 Torts A Guide for the Perplexed, By G.H.L. Fridman KF 1250 .F853 2017
In this book, Fridman presents an informative background to the law of torts so it can be better understood and appreciated by those who may find themselves somewhat confused as to its true nature and scope.

 The Law of Product Warnings and Recalls in Canada, by Douglas Harrison, Alex Colangelo – 2nd ed. KF 3945 .H37 2019
This book will help any Canadian company that manufactures and/or sells a product to understand relevant recall and warning laws, and to employ best practices and risk management strategies to avoid product liability.

The Law of Search & Seizure in Canada, by James A. Fontana, David Keeshan – 1th ed.
KF9630 .F6 2019
Much cited by Canadian courts at all levels, this seminal volume clearly lays out the intricate legal framework that governs the issuance, execution and review of search warrants, and the rules limiting warrantless activities by state agents.

Law is a Buyer’s Market: Building a Client-First Law Firm, by Jordan Furlong
KF 315 .F87 2017
When clients change their purchasing patterns, law firms need to change their approach. Law Is A Buyer’s Market will help you adapt to the new legal market and lead your firm into the future of law.

Newly added on desLibris and accessible online through the Law Society Member’s Portal:

The Law of Bailment by Robert Tanha
Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2020
The Death of a Butterfly : Mental Health Court Diaries
Researching Legislative Intent : A Practical Guide by Susan Barker and Erica Anderson