MBQB decision on contempt in Family Proceedings

It’s not often that parties are found in contempt in family proceedings. Behaviour has to be extremely egregious to warrant a contempt finding. That’s what Justice Doyle decided in Delichte v. Rogers, 2017 MBQB 117.

[1]            The mother and the father have engaged in high conflict family litigation for over 13 years.  During this period, 616 documents have been filed in regard to the many contentious proceedings that have come before this court.

There can be so much tension in family proceedings as both sides try to do what they feel is in the best interests of their children. At some point the court must step in and put a halt to it.

New Proclamations

The Government of Manitoba has issued the following proclamation:

The Grieving Families Protection Act (Various Acts
Amended) (S.M. 2011, c. 29)

With the advice and consent of the Executive Council of
Manitoba, we name September 1, 2017, as the day on which
the following provisions of The Grieving Families Protection
Act (Various Acts Amended) (S.M. 2011, c. 29) come into

This Act amends The Cemeteries ActThe Funeral Directors and Embalmers Act, and The Prearranged Funeral Services Act.

New kid on the block – vLex Canada

Since I’ve been in law libraries, the legal publishing field has gotten smaller and smaller. Now there’s a new contender – vLex Canada .  Shaunna Mireau posted about it on Slaw.ca.

Just in case you haven’t been watching, Maritime Law Book is now Compass and Compass introduced vLex Canada. There are some interesting and useful delighters with vLex Canada Open.

Check it out for yourself.

New books in the Great Library – Criminal Titles

We recently ordered a number of new books to add to our collection. All titles are linked to the publisher’s record which includes a summary of the content. You can search the Great Library Catalogue to see if the book is available.

Criminal Law

Impaired Driving in Canada, 4th ed.

The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada, 9th ed.

Sentencing, 9th ed.

Examination of Witnesses in Criminal Cases, 7th ed.

Although new items are placed in our reserve collection, they are still available for borrowing for a 48 hour period.