How much does a dog bite cost?

$15,127.89 plus court costs, at least in Malig v. Kaur, 2018 ABQB 569.

Mr. Malig was contracted by the owners of a property to remove waste from their backyard. When he entered the yard to view the waste, he was attacked by a large German shepherd and suffered several dog bites requiring stitches.

The case analyses both the statutory duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act and the common law duty of care based on principles of negligence. Mr. Malig was awarded $15,000 for general damages and $127.89 for special damages.

Unfortunately, the dog was given a death sentence.

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  1. In Manitoba anyone dealing with a dog bite case should start with The Animal Liability Act, CCSM c. A95. That Act, and particularly s. 2, speaks to liability for injury and damage caused by an animal, including by a dog bite. For a recent example of its application see: Lofstrom v. Hydamaka, 2013 MBQB 220. As pointed out in that case, the ALA was enacted after a 1992 Manitoba Law Reform Commission Report.

    I think it unnecessary to consider The Occupiers Liability Act when dealing with a dog bite and the only relevance of the law of negligence is as to the conduct of the plaintiff. [For an example of the effect of contributory negligence see: Witman v. Johnson, 1990 CanLII 7975 (MB QB)].

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