While sorting through the material stored in the library, we’ve come across some examples of how the library used to function. We developed this display to show although technology has replaced some of the ways we perform our job, the basic method is still the same. For example, the card catalogue. Replaced by an online catalogue, yet still used to organize the material in the library so others can retrieve it. 

Other items of interest include a report by former Chief Librarian Garth Niven on the state of the library (2003); a detailed memo on the effects of theft (by lawyers!) of the books in the library and what punishments should be meted out to the perpetrators; as well as two bound copies of the entire library catalogue, one from 1930 and the other from 1960. 

Library Technician Practicum student George Roy put together the display. Next time you’re in the library, take a moment to peruse some of the items. 

Samples from the Great LIbrary’s past.

The library will be closed on Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day