2019 – Volume 21, Number 2

Table of Contents

Precarious Work, Uncertain Rights and the Role of Workplace Law: Papers from the 2017 Labour Law Lecture & Conference, Western University, November 3-4, 2017

Inequality and the Fissured Workplace – David Weil

The Political Economy of Precariousness in an Era of Artificial Intelligence: Precarious Work, or None At All? – Wayne Lewchuk

A Tattered Quilt: Exemptions and Special Rules under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act – Leah F. Vosko, John Grundy, Rebecca Casey, Andrea M. Noack & Mark P. Thomas

Sexual Harassment and the Precarious Worker – Sandra F. Sperino

The nature of the Fundamental Freedoms and the Sui Generis Right to Collective Bargaining: The Case of Vulnerable and Precarious Workers – Benjamin J. Oliphant

A Bridge Too Far? Using Internal Workplace Committees to Ensure Employment Standards Compliance and Plug the Representation Gap in the Wagner Act Model – Rafael Gomez & Sean O’Connor

Globalization in Transition: The Canadian Perspective – Brian Burkett

Sectoral Regulation in Subcontracting Relationships: The Impact of Collective Agreement Decrees on Employment Conditions – Martine D’Amours & Frederic Hanin

Canada’s Statutory Strike Models and the New Constitutional Landscape – Alison Braley-Rattai

Book Review

Unions in Court: Organized Labour and the Charter Rights and Freedoms – Reviewed by Roy J. Adams

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