A monthly round-up of blog posts from the Manitoba legal community for the months of October and November

Clarke Immigration law
Lawyer Fees Online October 1, 2019

Robson Crim Legal Blog
Indeterminate Sentencing: Rehabilitation or Damnation? October 9, 2019 A. Homenko
False Witness Testimony Through the Lens of the Milgaard Story October 16, 2019, A. Homenko
The Criminal Justice System and Mental Health October 22, 2019, H. Allardyce
The Mandatory Minimum Fairy Tale October 23, 2019, A. Homenko
Criminal Charges and the Intersection of Immigration October 25, 2019, S Thiessen
Jury Representation: A wider view than the possible issue within peremptory challenges October 28, 2019, M Lawrence
Prostitution and Feminism: The Varying Perspectives on Laws Forbidding Sex Work October 29, 2019, H. Allardyce
Presumption of Innocence Diminished to Rhetoric October 30, 2019, A. Homenko
A Tailored Response to Criticisms of Courts Striking Down Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Provisions November 5, 2019, R Ziegler
A Comment on the Fleming 2019 Case November 6, 2019, B Roberts
Solitary Confinement for Incarcerated Youth: Further Exacerbating the Problem November 7, 2019, S Thiessen
High and Dry: Practical Issues with the Cannabis Act, Bill C-46, and Bingley November 12, 2019, R Ziegler
An Application for Ministerial Review: Brian Anderson’s Battle for Exoneration November 14, 2019, M Lawrence
The Significance of Mismatched Semantics Between Crown and Police First Party Disclosure Obligations from in R v Gubbins November 19, 2019 R Ziegler

Matthew Gould Blog
Consequences of Assault Offences in Canada October 10, 2019
What Are Your Rights For Enforcing Against A Landlord? November 7, 2019

MLT Aikins
5-year Travel Bans: An Increasing Concern for Canadians Travelling to the U.S. for Work or Pleasure
Travelling to the U.S. for Work? Avoid Delays and Refusals at the Border by Being Prepared
Normal Anxiety or Mental Illness? A Guide for Employers
Cascading Derivative Assessments and Preconditions to Liability under sections 160 and 227.1 of the Income Tax Act: Colitto v. Her Majesty the Queen, 2019 TCC 88
Can Private Property Owners Ban Drone Overflights?
Data Breach Reports Skyrocket in First Year of Mandatory Breach Reporting
Keeping the Faith — Five Years After Bhasin v Hrynew

Trademark Security Interests in Canada November 18, 2019
Broader Protection for IP Licensees In Insolvency Proceedings Comes Into Effect On November 1, 2019 November 04, 2019
The California Consumer Privacy Act and Its Impact on Canadian Businesses October 29, 2019
Navigating Canadian Cannabis Promotion Restrictions – The Swag Exception October 24, 2019