A bi-monthly round-up of blog posts from the Manitoba legal community for the months of January and February 2020

Clarke Immigration Law

Success: Residency Obligation Appeal, February 20, 2020
Refugee Law & Climate Change, February 14, 2020
Success: Regaining Status, February 10, 2020
Success Stories, January 29, 2020
Poem for 2020, January 9, 2020
Lessons From 2019, December 30, 2019
Sponsor Parents – 2020, December 9, 2019
RNIP – Manitoba, December 9, 2019

Robson Crim Legal Blog

R. v. K.G.K, or Rather, K.G.K v. The Canadian Judiciary ,by J Mayan Jan 7
R. v. Javanmardi, 2019 SCC 54 (CanLII), by B Parks Jan 10
Section 8 of the Charter, Our Privacy and Our Devices, by Blairder L.E. Yankovitch Jan 21
Poisoned by Prejudice: Sexual history as inadmissible evidence in R. v. Goldfinch, by J Pelland
The Potentiality for Infringing on s 12 Charter Rights by Imposing Mandatory Minimum Sentences, by A Ennis 
Jan 29
Causation and Group Assault,by M Markaj Jan 31
The Charter: A Missing Element, by GS LeBeau Feb 4
A Win for Personal Liberty, by D Kingdon Feb 6
Charter Right to a Speedy Trial in Youth Cases – R. v. K.J.M. (2019), by C Scofield Feb 6
An Analysis of R v Jovel 2019 MBCA 116, by Benderez Moon Feb 11
R. v. K.J.M.: The Jordan framework for delay and the youth criminal justice system, by D Reid Feb 11
Denis v Côté: Balancing Journalism and Justice, by P Gutowski Feb 18

Matthew Gould Blog (criminal Law)       

What is Blood Alcohol Concentration? February 13, 2020
What You Need To Know About DUI Charges In Canada January 16, 2020

Pitblado Law Blog

Pre-incorporation contracts: a trap for the unwary January 29, 2020

Taylor McCaffrey

Sexual Orientation and the Road to Equality, by Jeff Palamar February 13
‘Tis the Sneezin’ – Does the Seasonal Flu Give Rise to the Right to Refuse Work? by Jamie Alyce Jurczak            February 13

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