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From WestlawNext Canada:

Journal of Environmental Law and Practice, Vol. 33

  • Bill 4 and the Removal of Cap and Trade: A Case Study of Carbon Pricing, Climate Change Law and Public Participation in Ontario, Canada
  • Heidegger on Technology: Towards a Less-Anthropocentric, Multi-Disciplinary Legal Definition of “Sustainable”?
  • An Initial Evaluation of Canada’s New Sustainability-Based Impact Assessment Act

University of Toronto Law Journal, Vol. 70

  • Irit Samet, Equity: Conscience Goes to Market
  • The Patriation of Canadian Corporate Law
  • Institutions Protecting Constitutional Democracy: Some Conceptual and Methodological Preliminaries
  • Criminal Law in an Age of Mass Incarceration
  • Criminalization, Legal Moralism, and Abolition
  • Marriage, Work, and the Invention of Family Law in English Legal Thought

McGill Journal of Law and Health, Vol. 13

  • Physician Dismissal of Vaccine Refusers: A Legal and Ethical Analysis
  • Surgical Informed Consent and Recognizing a Perioperative Duty to Disclose in Transgender Health Care
  • Could Open Be the Yellow Brick Road to Innovation in Genomics in North America?
  • Le Parcours Judiciaire Des Victimes D’Insalubrité (Le Cas De La Moisissure)

University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review, Vol. 78

  • The Circumstances of Change: Understanding the Bedford/Carter Exceptions to Vertical Stare Decisis
  • Rumours of Corruption: Referrals from the World Bank Sanctions System to National Law Enforcement Authorities
  • Fixing the Odds: Designing Intelligent Loot Box Policy in the Canadian Context

 National Journal of Constitutional Law, Vol. 40

  • Telling Stories: The Crown, Parliament and Canada
  • Flexible and Cooperative Federalism: Distinguishing the Two Approaches in the Interpretation and Application of the Division of Powers
  • R. v. Comeau: Expert Evidence at Trial
  • Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal Bungles the School Boards’ Human Rights Duty to Accommodate Students with Disabilities–J.F. v. Waterloo Catholic District School Board—An Erroneous Rejection of a Student’s Request to Bring His Autism Service Dog to School

Canadian Criminal Law Review, Vol. 25

  • The Shifting Focus of Canadian Impaired Driving Enforcement: The Increased Role of Provincialand Territorial Administrative Sanctions
  • At the Mercy of the Court: Canadian Sentencing Principles and the Concept of Mercy
  • Objective Fault, Strict Liability, and Javanmardi
  • R. c. Javanmardi ou la Simplicité Trompeuse

From Lexis Advance QuickLaw

Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 97 (also available on CanLII)

  • Shopkeeper’s Privilege: Coming to a Store Near You?, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 559 – 589
  • Predictive Coding: Adopting and Adapting Artificial Intelligence in Civil Litigation, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 486 – 525
  • A Trojan Horse: Can Indian Self-Government be Promoted Through the Indian Act?, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 697 – 720
  • Reconciliation and Ethical Lawyering: Some Thoughts on Cultural Competence, (2019) 97 Can Bar Rev 527 – 557

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