UPDATE: The period starts May 25th, not May 26th.

A new notice regarding the scheduling of trials due to loosening COVID-19 restrictions has been posted. This notice confirms that”all currently-scheduled criminal, civil, family and child protection trials in the Court of Queen’s Bench for the period from May 26 to the end of June 2020, will proceed.”

The March 13, 2020 Media Notice regarding access to the Law Courts is still in effect and should be consulted when attending. That notice has been attached for reference.

It also notes that: “the scheduling and hearing of pre-trials, case management meetings, case conferences, motions and JADRs will continue and, accordingly, all those services will proceed remotely by teleconference or videoconference.”

Additionally, “as of May 11, 2020, the approach for having an emergency or urgent matter heard will return to the former and longstanding process by which a request must be made to the motions coordinator.” Includes clarifications as to how it relates to the Family division.

Click here to see the full notice.