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University of Toronto Law Journal

  • Liam Murphy, “The Artificial Morality of Private Law: The Persistence of an Illusion” 70 U. Toronto L.J. 453
  • David Cabrelli, “The Capabilities Approach: A Panacea for Labour Law’s Ills?”  70 U. Toronto L.J. 572
  • Andrew S Gold & Henry E Smith, “Sizing up Private Law”  70 U. Toronto L.J. 489
  • Malcolm Lavoie, “The Implications of Property as Self-Government” 70 U. Toronto L.J. 535
  • Lionel Smith “Parenthood Is a Fiduciary Relationship 70 U. Toronto L.J. 395”
  • Book reviews
    • Wesley M Oliver, “Sarah Seo, Policing the Open Road: How Cars Transformed American Freedom”  70 U. Toronto L.J. 592

Insolvency Institute of Canada Articles

  • Robyn Gurofsky &Tiffany Bennett, “Anti-Deprivation Rule in Canada: An Alberta Perspective”  I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-3
  • John Salmas & Mark Freake, “The 2019 CCAA Amendments: Origins, Trends and Practical Implications”  I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-6
  • Adam Maerov, Kourtney Rylands &Joseph Osborne, “After Quadriga: The Future of Insolvent Cryptocurrency Exchanges” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-2
  • Derek Harland, “The “Key” to Success? KERPs in Canadian Restructuring Law Insolvency” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-7
  • Vicki Tickle, “A Friend In Times of Need: Monitors in Conflict and How Amici Curiae Can Help Courts Protect the Integrity of CCAA Proceedings” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-1
  • Tevia R.M. Jeffries, “Rolling Pre-Filing Supply into a Post-Filing Facility: An Analysis of Canadian and American Treatment”  I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-5
  • Geoffrey Spencer & Raymond Critch, “Court-Appointed Receivers: Is there an Adequate Alternative Avenue of Relief?”  I.I.C. Art. Vol. 9-4

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice

  • Allan C. Hutchinson, “Improving Access to Justice: Do Contingency Fees Really Work?” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 184
  • Roger Cotterrell, “Access to Justice, Moral Distance and Changing Demands on Law” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 193
  • Sarah Buhler & Rachel Tang, “Navigating Power and Claiming Justice: Tenant Experiences at Saskatchewan’s Housing Law Tribunal” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 210
  • Joanna R. Quinn, “The Prospects for Customary Law in Transitional Justice: The Case of Fiji” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 249
  • Adam Strombergsson-Denora, “Caught by Private Law: A Review of Visitors’ Jurisdiction in Canada” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 284
  • Alexandra Flynn & Mariana Valverde, “Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Governance of Waterfront Toronto’s Sidewalk Labs Deal” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 263
  • Kayal Munisami, “Legal Technology and the Future of Women in Law” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 164
  • Jane Thomson, “Discrimination and the Private Law in Canada: Reflections on Spence v. BMO Trust Co.” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 138
  • Anne Levesque, “L’égalité Réelle et la Mise en Œuvre Intégrale du Principe de Jordan” 36 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 231

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice

  • Kevin W. Gray, “A Separate Head of Judicial Review: Divergent Paths in Common Law Rights Review” 33 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 305
  • Ryan Manucha, “Appellate Review for Questions of Law in Canadian Free Trade Agreement Disputes” 33 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 283
  • Joanne Cave, “Dialogue and Discretion: Redefining the Alberta Labour Relations Board’s Role in Legislative Development” 33 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 323
  • Brian C. Nel, “Vavilov à la Rencontre de Housen: Isoler la Raisonnabilité Telle Qu’Appliquée aux Questions de Droit” 33 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 259

Intellectual Property Journal

  • Alyssa Gaffen, “Refining the Saccharin Doctrine: A Call for Clarity and Predictability in Canada’s Extraterritorial Patent Law” Intellectual Property Journal 32 I.P.J. 291
  • Neerav Srivastava, “Romance and Fiduciary Relationships between Joint Authors and/or Co-Owners of Copyright” Intellectual Property Journal 32 I.P.J. 249
  • Lisa Macklem & Samuel Trosow, “Fair Dealing, Online Teaching and Technological Neutrality: Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis” Intellectual Property Journal 32 I.P.J. 215

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McGill Law Journal

  • Étienne Cloutier, “A Tale of Two Metaphors: A Narrative Take on the Canadian Constitution” 64 McGill L.J. 447
  • Sébastien Pimont, “De la Politique, de la Science et de la Technique en Droit Civil et en Droit Administratif Français: Scolies Sur Un Discours Savant” 64 McGill L.J. 601
  • Stephanie Ben-Ishai, Jennifer Robson & Saul Schwartz, “Eligible Non-Participation in Canadian Social Welfare Programs “64 McGill L.J. 499
  • Bertrand Lavoie, “Avoir Conscience de L’Internormativité: Contribution à l’Étude de la Conscience du Droit en Contexte Pluraliste”  64 McGill L.J. 415
  • Yves-Marie Morissett, “Publicistes et Privatistes Peuvent Correspondre Entre Eux et Même Se Comprendre”  64 McGill L.J. 573
  • Margarida Garcia & Richard Dubé, “L’Évolution Récente du Concept D’Indépendance Judiciaire et Les Menaces Internes à la Détermination de la Peine Juste” 64 McGill L.J. 535