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Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal

From the Law Reports
  • Identity and Cy-prés: Galloway Estate v. B.C. SPCA – A comment
    Donavan Waters
  • Calmusky v. Calmusky: A Novel Application of the Presumption of Resulting Trust or an Outlier?
    Lisa Filgiano
  • No Accounting Ordered for Inter Vivos Gifts by Competent Testator: Duhn Estate
    Nora Christianson Fien
  • Nova Scotia (Attorney General) v. Lawen Estate: A Case Comment
    Jane Thomson
  • Sherman Estate v. Donovan: When is Privacy a Publicly Protectable Interest?
    David Young
  • Postscript from Québec
    Marilyn Piccini Roy
From the Legislature
  • Acknowledging Acknowledgments: Another Option?
    Ian Lebane
  • Exploring the Limits of an Attorney for Property’s Authority Under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992
    Melanie Yach

Canadian Family Law Quarterly

  • Tax Efficient Solutions to Division of Corporate Property: Can The Court Order A Corporate Reorganization?
    40 C.F.L.Q. 49 Scott Booth
  • Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project: Rhetoric and Realities of the Family Bar Addressing Access to Justice Challenges
    40 C.F.L.Q. 1 Rachel Birnbaum; Nicholas Bala
  • Focused Hearings
    40 C.F.L.Q. 87 Justice Stanley Sherr
  • Retroactive Support After Colucci
    40 C.F.L.Q. 61 Rollie Thompson

National Journal of Constitutional Law

  • A Question of Law: (Formal) Declarations of Invalidity and the Doctrine of Stare Decisis
    42 Nat’l J. Const. L. 1 Alexandre Marcotte
  • The Effect of Declarations of Unconstitutionality in Canada
    42 Nat’l J. Const. L. 25 Paul Daly, Jeremy Opolsky, Jake Babad, Julie Lowenstein
  • La Temporalité des Jugements D’Inconstitutionnalité des Lois au Canada: Ce que L’on Dit Être Leur Rétroactivité
    42 Nat’l J. Const. L. 63 Danielle Pinard

McGill Law Journal

  • Domestic Contracts and Family Law Exceptionalism: An Historical Perspective
    66 McGill L.J. 303 Luke Taylor
  • Religious Challenges to Anti-Discrimination Law: The Mobilization of the “Minority Label” 
    66 McGill L.J. 377 Léa Brière-Godbout, Marie-Andrée Plante
  • Creative and Responsive Advocacy for Reconciliation: The Application of Gladue Principles in Administrative Lawl
    66 McGill L.J. 337 Andrew Flavelle Martin
  • L’indépendance du Québec et le Choix Autochtone de la Continuité Canadienne
    66 McGill L.J. 253 Ghislain Otis, Aurélie Laurent