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This month’s Articles

  • “Propounding a Will Under Attack: The Role of the Personal Representative in Estate Litigation” Suzana Popovic-Montag and Nick Esterbauer
  • “Determining Beneficial Title to Joint Bank Accounts “Whitelock, Stock & Barrel?” A Comparative Analysis of the Treatment of Bank Account Agreements & Survivorship Clauses in Canadian Commonwealth Estates Law” Calvin Hancock and Ryan Mulders
  • “A Broad View of the Law on Disclaimers, Renunciation and Other Forms of Divestment” Justin Fekete

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Canadian Journal of Law and Society. Vol. 37.

  • “Marginal Citizens: Interracial Intimacies and the Incarceration of Japanese Canadians, 1942-1949.” Mary Anne Vallianatos. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 49.
  • “Not Worth the Wait: Why the Long-Awaited Regulations under the AHRA Don’t Address Egg Donor Concerns.” Kathleen Hammond. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 113.
  • “Police Violence as Organizational Crime.” Sylvia Rich. 37
  • “Non-Association Conditions among Release Women: Implications for Successful Community Reintegration.” Laura McKendy, Rosemary Ricciardelli. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 135.
  • “Public Support for Canadian Courts: Understanding the Roles of Institutional Trusts and Partisanship.” Erin Crandall, Andrea Lawlor. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 91.
  • “The Conceptual Problems Arising from Legal Pluralism.” Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 155.
  • “Unbreaking Bail?: Post-Antic Trends in Bail Outcomes.” Rachel Schumann, Carolyn Yule. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 1.
  • “Le Contrôle Excessif dans le Contexte des Violences Basées sur L’Honneur au Québec: Analyse Juridique et Jurisprudentielle D’Une Violence Genrée.” Dr. Estibaliz Jimenez. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 69.
  • Book Reviews
    • “Diamond Ashiagbor, Ed., Re-Imagining Labour Law for Development: Informal Work in the Global North and South. Oxford: Hart/Bloomsbury, 2019. 274 pp.” Ania Zbyszewska. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 184.
    • “Sanja Kutnjak Ivković, Shari Seidman Diamond, Valerie P. Hans, and Nancy S. Marder, eds., Juries, Lay Judges, and Mixed Courts: A Global Perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2021. 366 pp.” Jérémy Boulanger-Bonnelly. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 179.
    • “Louis Fournier, FLQ, Histoire d’un Mouvement Clandestin. Montréal: VLB Éditeur, 2020. 369 pp.” Nicolas Desurmont. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 181.

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice. Vol. 37.

  •  “Measuring Improvement in Access to Justice: Utilizing an A2J Measurement Framework for Comparative Justice Data Collection and Program Evaluation Across Canada.” Brea Lowenberger, et al. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 337.
  • “Sex Workers and the Best Interest of Their Children: Issues Faced by Sex Workers Involved in Custody and Access Legal Proceedings.” Julie E. DeWolf. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 312.
  • “Practising an Anti-Colonial Citizenship Education through a Blended Learning Course on Aboriginal Law.” Sean Robertson. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 377.
  • “Access to Justice as a Social Determinant of Health: The Basis for Reducing Health Disparity and Advancing Health Equity of Marginalized Communities.” Sunam Jassar. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 359.
  • “The Legal Regulation of Sadomasochism and the So-Called “Rough Sex Defence”.” Elaine Craig. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 402.

Criminal Law Quarterly. Vol 70.

  •  “The February Emergency: Intelligence, Policing and Governance Failures and the Future of Charter-Proofed Emergencies.” Kent Roach. 70 C.L.Q. 196.
  • “Using an Anti-Money Laundering Terrorist Finance Approach to Harness a Convoy.” Michelle Gallant. 70 C.L.Q. 292.
  • “Policing Protest via the Civil Law: Class Actions, Injunctions, and the ‘Freedom Convoy’.” Irina Ceric and Jasminka Kalajdzic. 70 C.L.Q. 247.
  • “‘Not in the Cards’: The Non-Use of the Canadian Armed Forces in the 2022 Public Order Emergency.” Tyler Wentzell. 70 C.L.Q. 310.
  • “The Real Lesson of the Freedom Convoy ‘Emergency’: Canada Needs a Public Order Policing Act.” Robert Diab. 70 C.L.Q. 230.
  • “Invoking the Emergencies Act in Response to the Truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’: What the Act Requires, How the Government Justified the Invocations, and Whether It Was Lawful.” Leah West, et al. 70 C.L.Q. 262.

University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review. Vol. 80.

  •  “Is There a Selection Effect in Canadian Administrative Law?” Devan Schafer. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 73.
  • ““Reviewing Our Peers”: Evaluating the Legitimacy of the Canadian Jury Verdict in Criminal Trials.” Nik Khakhar. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 42.
  • “Rethinking Winnipeg Condo as Negligent Performance of a Service: A Rights-Based Account.” Benjamin Zolf. 80 U.T. Fac. L. 97.
  • “Canadian Litigation for Violations of Customary International Law: Questions Remaining after Nevsun v. Araya.” Jeremy Zullow. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 122.
  • “Escaping the Shadow of Partnership: A New Framework for Distinguishing Contractual Joint Ventures from Joint Venture Partnerships.” Branden Cave. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 9.