Manitoba Government Introduces Safeguards Related To Sale And Purchase Of Bear Spray April 13, 2023
New regulatory changes are being introduced for the sale and purchase of bear spray. These changes are due to the increasing use of bear spray as a weapon in attacks. The new rules will be enacted under the Pesticides and Fertilizers Licence Regulation.

Government Bills

Fourth Session, 42nd Legislature

2nd Reading

Private Bills


  • 232 The Health Services Insurance Amendment Act (Administrative Penalties for Personal Care Homes) – “This Bill amends The Health Services Insurance Act. An administrative penalty may be imposed on the operator of a personal care home if the operator contravenes a prescribed provision of the Act or regulations. The operator may appeal an administrative penalty to the the Court of King’s Bench.”
  • 235 The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act – “This Bill amends The Employment Standards Code. The length of unpaid leave on the death of a family member is expanded from three days to five days. In addition, an employee may now take up to five days of unpaid leave if the employee or their spouse or common-law partner experiences a loss of pregnancy.”
  • 236 The Public Expression Protection Act – “This Bill establishes The Public Expression Protection Act. A defendant to a civil proceeding may file a motion to dismiss the proceeding on the ground that the proceeding arises from an expression by the defendant on a matter of public interest. Until the motion is finally resolved, no further steps may be taken by any party in the proceeding or in a tribunal proceeding related to the same matter of public interest.”

2nd Reading

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NumberTitle Registered Published
29/2023Pesticides and Fertilizers Licence Regulation, amendment13 Apr. 202313 Apr. 2023
30/2023Child Care Regulation, amendment14 Apr. 202314 Apr. 2023
31/2023Municipal Status and Boundaries Regulation, amendment14 Apr. 202314 Apr. 2023