Manitoba Government Introduces Legislative Amendments that would Enhance Safety of Combative Sport Participants May 17, 2023 – The Manitoba government is introducing Bill 40, the Combative Sports Act, to expand the mandate of the Manitoba Combative Sport Commission (MCSC) which would enhance the safety of combative sport participants at all levels, Sport, Culture and Heritage Minister Obby Khan announced today.

Changes to King’s Bench Rules – New amendment to the rules dealing with family matters, as well as probate and estate matters, have been approved. See regulations 37/2023, 38/2023, and 39/2023 for full details.

Fifth Session, 42nd Legislature

Government Bills


  • 39 The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (3) – amends The Residential Tenancies Act to list examples of information or evidence that the director may consider in an application to evict a tenant for unlawful activity.
  • 40 The Combative Sports Amendment Act – This Bill expands the Commission’s mandate to include licensing and regulating amateur combative sports that the Lieutenant Governor in Council has designated.

In Committee

Private Bills


2nd Reading

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37/2023Court of King’s Bench Rules, amendment12 May 202312 May 2023
38/2023Court of King’s Bench Rules, amendment12 May 202312 May 2023
39/2023Court of King’s Bench Rules, amendment12 May 202312 May 2023
40/2023General Hunting Regulation, amendment15 May 202315 May 2023