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The latest edition of Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal (Volume 42 Number 3) has arrived. Members can request pdf copies of articles, or borrow the print version.

This month’s contents:


  • “A paradigm shift in the protection and representation of vulnerable persons in Quebec” Lauren Flam 259


  • “Is the Grass Always Greener in the Offshore Tax Haven? A Comparison of Offshore Trust Specific Anti-avoidance Rules
  • in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and France” Elizabeth Bozek 265
  • “Goodbye and Good Riddance to the Doctrines of “Fraud on a Power” and “The Entire Substratum”…Now if only we could figure out the “Proper Purpose” Rule” Joel Nitikmon 281
  • “The Impact of Alcohol on Testamentary Capacity (Installment Two — The Medical Picture and Practice Recommendations) Dr. Arlin Pachet, John E. S. Poyser, and Ryan H.K. Gorlick 329”
  • “Estate and Post-Mortem Tax Planning with Wills, Multiple Wills, and Alter Ego or Joint Partner Trusts” Wendy 0. Templeton 350
We also provide articles from other journals from Westlaw and Quicklaw upon request. Below are the journals with the latest contents. Click on the title for more information.

Intellectual Property Journal

  • “Balancing Freedom of Expression, Copyright, and Trademark Rights: Art or Science?” 35 I.P.J. 141 Daniel R. Bereskin, C.M., K.C.
  • ““Inducing” Copyright Infringement in Canada: Is It a Thing?” 35 I.P.J. 171 David Vaver
  • “Against Balancing” 35 I.P.J. 181 Norman Siebrasse
  • “Lessons from ArriveCAN: Access to Information and Justice During a Glitch” 35 I.P.J. 99 Matt Malone

Canadian College of Construction Lawyers

  • “Collaborative Solutions in Construction: Rising to the Challenges Facing International Construction” 2023 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 1 Professor Doug Jones, AO
  • “Privilege, Confidentiality and Related Concepts–A Discussion Paper to Help with Common Challenges” 2023 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 109 Gregory A.C. Moores, David A. Barry
  • “Considering Consideration: The Role of Fresh Consideration in Unilateral Amendments to Construction Contracts”  2023 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 75 Catriona M.L. Otto-Johnston, Elisa J. Stewart
  • “Construction Law in the Age of Vavilov”  2023 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 57 James D. MacNeil, Katie Short
  • “Why Hurry up and Wait: The Benefits and Risks of Employing a Pacing Strategy on a Construction Projects” 2023 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 23 Seema Lal
  • “Drastic Remedies for Drastic Problems: Frustration, Mistake, Misrepresentation, and Repudiatory Breach”  2023 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 39 Brian Samuels, K.C. , Stephanie McHugh

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