The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
First Session, Forty-third Legislature

Government Bills


Bill 2 The Louis Riel Act – “The Louis Riel Act bestows the honorary title of “First Premier of Manitoba” on Louis Riel. The Manitoba education curriculum must now include the significant contributions of Louis Riel.”

Bill 3 The Fuel Tax Amendment Act (Fuel Tax Holiday) – “The Fuel Tax Act is amended to provide for a tax holiday from January 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024, for fuel purchased for use in operating motor vehicles, farm trucks and fire fighting equipment. A similar tax holiday is provided for multi-jurisdictional carriers who operate without a carrier licence. Regulations may be made to extend the tax holiday for up to six months or to reduce the applicable tax rate during the period from July 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.

Bill 4 The Employment Standards Code Amendment and Interpretation Amendment Act (Orange Shirt Day) – ” The Employment Standards Code and The Interpretation Act are amended to observe Orange Shirt Day (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation) as a provincial statutory holiday on September 30. Employers and employees may not substitute a different date for observing Orange Shirt Day. In addition, The Public Schools Act is amended to ensure that, in years when Orange Shirt Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, schools are closed on the following Monday.”

Bill 5 The Adult Literacy Act – “The Adult Literacy Act requires the minister to develop, implement and evaluate an adult literacy strategy in collaboration with others involved in adult literacy. A component of the strategy is the Manitoba Adult Literacy Program, which supports adult literacy programs.”

Private Bills


Bill 200 The Firefighters Recognition Day Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended) – “The Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act is amended to proclaim May 4 as Firefighters Recognition Day.”

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