The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

First Session, Forty-Third Legislature

Government Bills


  • Bill 37 The Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2024This Bill implements measures announced in the 2024 Manitoba Budget and makes various other amendments to tax and financial legislation.
    • Part 1: Fuel Tax
    • Part 2: Income Tax
    • Part 3: Oil and Gas Production Tax
    • Part 4: Property Tax and Insulation Assistance
    • Part 5: Retail Sales Tax
    • Part 6: Succession Duty
    • Part 7: Tax Administration and Miscellaneous Taxes
    • Other Amendments:
      • Civil Service Superannuation Act and Elections Act
      • Financial Administration Act
      • Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act
    • Schedules:
      • Election Financing Amendment Act
      • Environment Amendment Act
      • Manitoba Hydro Amendment Act
      • Labour Relations Amendment Act
      • Seniors’ Advocate Act

2nd Reading

Private Members’ – Public Bills


2nd Reading

In Committee/Reported


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30/2024Diseases of Bees Designation Regulation (2024)26 Apr. 202426 Apr. 2024
31/2024Assistance Regulation, amendment26 Apr. 202426 Apr. 2024
32/2024Domestic Labour Mobility Applicants Regulation26 Apr. 202426 Apr. 2024
33/2024Retail Sales Tax Regulation, amendment26 Apr. 202426 Apr. 2024
34/2024Reliability Standards Regulation, amendment3 May 20243 May 2024