Free webinar on vLex and Vincent AI

There has been a lot of talk about AI programs in the news lately, and it may surprise some law society members to know that they have access to one of these powerful tools with vLex and the ‘Vincent’ AI.

The library will be hosting three online training sessions for vLex with instruction on how to use the platform and its features . These webinars will also cover vLex’s AI ‘Vincent’, explaining how this powerful tool assists with legal research, analyzes documents and automatically generates headnotes from decisions.

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Session 1 Vincent/AI Webinar: Tuesday May 30th at 1 pm CT
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Session 2 Navigating the vLex Platform with a focus on Irwin Law Webinar: Tuesday June 13th at 1 pm CT
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Session 3 vLex Platform Walkthrough Webinar (Vincent AI, Navigating the Platform, Irwin Law): Tuesday June 27th at 1 pm CT
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What is Vincent?

By combining human search behaviour with machine speed, Vincent enables you to go beyond traditional research methods. With its easy-to-use technology, this cross-jurisdictional assistant helps you to:

  • Quickly interact with global legal information
  • Save valuable research time
  • Extract key legal issues from cases
  • Access automatically generated headnotes on
  • millions of cases
  • Improve the quality of your work by ensuring no
  • important documents are missed due to human error.

Importantly, Vincent recognizes legal documents from over 30 countries, in both English and Spanish. As well as finding all in-text references, Vincent also finds documents that are semantically similar, on the same points of law, and also in other jurisdictions, to help lawyers build better arguments using on-point cases and persuasive authorities.

Vincent AI Case Analysis

vLex has enhanced Vincent AI’s capabilities to include a new feature called Case Analysis. Vincent, using large-scale language models, can now read cases, extract key information, and automatically produce summarized headnotes – helping legal professionals understand the important issues addressed in a judgment at a glance.

Irwin Law E-Library

The Irwin Law e-book collection brings an innovative approach to legal publishing that does more than outline the current state of the law. Containing over 300 e-books, this collection analyses the complex issues of the day in a succinct and readable style, and in a manner that is probing and thoughtful. With a focus on Canadian law as well as some international topics, the Irwin law collection covers a wide range of practice areas.

Legislative Update – May 3rd


The Manitoba government has appointed Judge Ryan Rolston as the new chief judge of the provincial court of Manitoba. April 25, 2023 – “The Manitoba government has appointed Judge Ryan Rolston as chief judge of the provincial court of Manitoba, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced today. Rolston was called to the bar in 2000. Since being appointed to the bench, he has been a leader in the education of judges in Manitoba and nationally, having organized seminars as co-chair of the education committee and for the national education committee of the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges. His appointment as a chief judge will come into effect in July for a non-renewable term of seven years.”

Fifth Session, 42nd Legislature

Government Bills

2nd Reading

In Committee

Private Bills


  • 237 The Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act – “This Bill amends The Advanced Education Administration Act to include Providence University College and Theological Seminary as a university dealt with under the Act. Providence University College and Theological Seminary is exempted from the guidelines for university tuition fees and student fees.”
  • 238 The Personal Care Home Accountability Act (Various Acts Amended) – “This Bill amends The Health Services Insurance Act to enable family members of personal care home residents to establish family councils. Personal care home operators must provide support for the family councils.”
  • 239 The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (Application Fees and Deposits) – “This Bill amends The Residential Tenancies Act to clarify that a landlord must not charge a prospective tenant any application fees. A landlord is also not permitted to require a tenant to pay a deposit before the landlord and tenant enter into a tenancy agreement. This Bill also amends The Health System Governance and Accountability Act and The Vulnerable Persons Living with a Mental Disability Act to ensure that certain information on each personal care home is published on a government website,…”
  • 240 The Remembrance Day Amendment Act – “This Bill amends The Remembrance Day Act to ensure that employees are entitled to wear a poppy in the workplace during the seven-day period leading up to and including Remembrance Day.”

2nd Reading

For the status of all current bills click here.


32/2023Speed Timing Devices Regulation, amendment20 Apr. 202320 Apr. 2023
33/2023Fatality Inquiries Regulation, amendment21 Apr. 202321 Apr. 2023
34/2023Ignition-Interlock Program Regulation, amendment28 Apr. 202328 Apr. 2023
35/2023Driver Safety Rating System Regulation, amendment28 Apr. 202328 Apr. 2023
36/2023Animal Diseases (General) Regulation28 Apr. 202328 Apr. 2023

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New Journal Issues

The newest issues of popular legal journals, as well as new journal titles, are now out and available. Law Society Members can access HeinOnline journals through the Member’s Portal or request pdf copies of our other digital journals by contacting the library. See below for more details.

Not only does HeinOnline have a large collection of legal journals, but we are also subscribed to the Canadian Core package of HeinOnline which includes Federal and Provincial Annual and Revised Statutes going back to 1868 and 1871 respectively, as well as English Reports, Legal Classics, Legal Dictionaries, and more. Take a look at HeinOnline if you haven’t before to explore what else this resource has to offer.

Other Digital Journals

We are also able to provide pdf copies of journal articles found on Westlaw and Quicklaw for Law Society Members. Email us at for a copy of any of the following articles or, if you are looking for information on a specific issue, let us know and we can look for relevant articles and commentary.
Click on the journal title for the current issue’s content.

Canadian Family Law Quarterly

  • Parenting Coordination as a Judicial Tool: Achieving Access to Justice for Children 41 C.F.L.Q. 391 Joanna Radbord; Rachel Birnbaum
  • Rich Parents, Poor Kids — Unwrapping Parental Gifts: A Review of the Case Law Regarding Gifts/Loans and their Impact on Property and Support 41 C.F.L.Q. 261 Stephen Codas; Sarah Strathopolous; Scot D.E. Menzies; Jessica A. MacDonald
  • Child Support for Adult Children 41 C.F.L.Q. 315 Maxine M. Kerr

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice

  • The Tribunal Design Issue–An Overview or How to Fix My A2J Problem 36 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 1 Paul Aterman
  • Five Steps to User-Centred Tribunal Design 36 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 5 Emily Farrimond, Paul Aterman
  • Active-Sensemaking: How Do I Find Out What Users and Stakeholders Really Think about My Tribunal’s Services? 36 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 19 Emily C. Drown
  • Future Directions in Standard of Review in Canadian Administrative Law: Substantive Review and Procedural Fairness 36 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 69 Paul Daly
  • How Do I Implement Proportionate Adjudicative Systems to Manage and Resolve Cases? 36 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 39 Michelle A. Alton
  • Fostering and Measuring Adjudicative Quality in Tribunals 36 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 57 Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Canadian Journal of Law and Technology

  • Cryptocurrencies and Climate Change: A Net-Zero Paradox 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 129 Jason MacLean
  • Crowdsourcing Justice 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 153 Matthew Dylag
  • Regulating Uncertain States: A Risk-Based Policy Agenda for Quantum Technologies 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 179 Tina Dekker, Florian Martin-Bariteau
  • Reframing Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence at the Intersections of Law & Society 19 Can. J. L. & Tech. 209 Jane Bailey, Carys Craig, Suzie Dunn, Sonia Lawrence
  • From Cartier to Codification: Website-Blocking Injunctions and Third-Party Internet Service Provider Respondents 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 225 Dan Mackwood
  • Comment: The United Nations and Robot Rights 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 257 Heather Alexander

Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law

  • Parliamentary Scrutiny and Judicial Review of Executive Legislation–Is It Working in Canada? 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 191 John Mark Keyes
  • The Testing of Democratic Resolve 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 1 Gregory Tardi, DJur
  • Including Emerging Litigation Comprenant les Litiges en Voie de Développement 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 233 Gregory Tardi
  • Disruption and Routine: Choosing a Speaker in the United States Compared to Canada 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 7 Robert W. Speel , Gregory J. Inwood
  • Federalism Review in Parliament: Scrutiny Mechanisms Described 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 139 Charlie Feldman
  • The Dialogue within: Deference and Self-Assertion in the Supreme Court of Canada in the Charter Era 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 85 Professor Thomas M.J. Bateman
  • We Need More Social Accountability Regarding Voting; a Call to Arms for Electoral Participation 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 187 Gabriel Chemla , Natalia Tovilla-Bátiz
  • The Kiribati Constitutional Crisis Escalates: Rule of Law and Judicial Independence at Risk 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 227 Gavin Murphy
  • The Ever-Expanding House of Commons and the Decennial Debate over Representation by Population 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 101 J.W.J. Bowden
  • Upholding Refugee Rights in Times of Crisis: Canada’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Crisis in Afghanistan & the War in Ukraine  17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 11 Arghavan Gerami , Raoul David Wieland
  • Trudeau’s Eleven: The SNC-Lavalin Affair as a Demonstration of Techniques and Approaches of Behind the Scenes Political Persuasion 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 41 Professor John Soroski
  • Service Centres, Doing a Disservice: Bill 40 and the Precarity of English-Language Education Rights in Quebec 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 157 Anthony Portulese
  • Book Reviews
    • Review of: Enemies of the People?: How Judges Shape Society by Joshua Rozenberg (Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2020) 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 265 Gregory TardiReview of: Constitutional Pariah: Reference Re Senate Reform and the Future of Parliament by Emmett Macfarlane (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2021) 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 255 Aniz Alani
    • Review of: Illiberal Constitutionalism in Poland and Hungary the Deterioration of Democracy, Misuse of Human Rights and Abuse of the Rule of Law by Professor Timea Drinoczi and Professor Agnieszka Bien-Kacala (London: Routledge Publishers, 2021) 17 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 261 Gavin Murphy

University of Toronto Law Journal

  • The Reinvention of Canadian Tort Law, 1945-95: Jordan House as Case Study 73 U. Toronto L.J. 133 Rande Kostal, Erika Chamberlain
  • Rethinking the Division of Tax Room and Revenue in Fiscal Federalism l 73 U. Toronto L.J. 174 Rory Gillis
  • Frontiers of Legality: Understanding the Public Policy Exception in Choice of Law l 73 U. Toronto L.J. 216 Joanna Langille
  • Book Reviews
    • Martin Loughlin, Against Constitutionalism (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2022) l 73 U. Toronto L.J. 255 Roberto Gargarella, Senior Researcher, National Research Center (CONICET), Argentina

Legislative Update – April 18th


Manitoba Government Introduces Safeguards Related To Sale And Purchase Of Bear Spray April 13, 2023
New regulatory changes are being introduced for the sale and purchase of bear spray. These changes are due to the increasing use of bear spray as a weapon in attacks. The new rules will be enacted under the Pesticides and Fertilizers Licence Regulation.

Government Bills

Fourth Session, 42nd Legislature

2nd Reading

Private Bills


  • 232 The Health Services Insurance Amendment Act (Administrative Penalties for Personal Care Homes) – “This Bill amends The Health Services Insurance Act. An administrative penalty may be imposed on the operator of a personal care home if the operator contravenes a prescribed provision of the Act or regulations. The operator may appeal an administrative penalty to the the Court of King’s Bench.”
  • 235 The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act – “This Bill amends The Employment Standards Code. The length of unpaid leave on the death of a family member is expanded from three days to five days. In addition, an employee may now take up to five days of unpaid leave if the employee or their spouse or common-law partner experiences a loss of pregnancy.”
  • 236 The Public Expression Protection Act – “This Bill establishes The Public Expression Protection Act. A defendant to a civil proceeding may file a motion to dismiss the proceeding on the ground that the proceeding arises from an expression by the defendant on a matter of public interest. Until the motion is finally resolved, no further steps may be taken by any party in the proceeding or in a tribunal proceeding related to the same matter of public interest.”

2nd Reading

For the status of all current bills click here.


NumberTitle Registered Published
29/2023Pesticides and Fertilizers Licence Regulation, amendment13 Apr. 202313 Apr. 2023
30/2023Child Care Regulation, amendment14 Apr. 202314 Apr. 2023
31/2023Municipal Status and Boundaries Regulation, amendment14 Apr. 202314 Apr. 2023