2nd Session, 42nd Legislature

New Bills: Government Bills

Bill 13: The Crown Land Dispositions Act (Various Acts Amended) – establishes uniform rules respecting authorizations required to sell or lease Crown lands.

Bill 15: The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Amendment and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Amendment Act – allows holders of a specific type of liquor service licence to sell beer, cider, wine and coolers to customers who order food for delivery or takeout.

Bill 18: The Summary Budgeting Act (Various Acts Amended and Public Sector Executive Compensation Act Enacted) – amendments to various acts to improve the development and implementation of the government’s summary budget.

Bill 20: The Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act – allows the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to impose an administrative penalty on a driver training school or driving instructor.

Private Bills

Bill 204: The Public Schools Amendment Act (Teaching Experience of Principals) – adds requirement that a principal must have a minimum of two years of teaching experience, unless at a school with fewer than three teachers.

Bill 205: The Restricting Mandatory Overtime for Nurses Act (Various Acts Amended) – amends The Employment Standards Code to establish a separate overtime regime for nurses by January 1, 2022.

Bill 206: The Louis Riel Act – bestows the honorary title of “First Premier of Manitoba” on Louis Riel.

Bill 207: The Election Financing Amendment and the Elections Amendment Act – any changes to these two acts must be approved by at lease two-thirds of the legislature.


S.M. 2019, c. 12: The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Amendment Act (Cannabis Possession Restrictions) (whole Act) – comes into force January 1, 2020.

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