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University of Toronto Law Journal, Winter 2020

  • Unity in the Eye of the Beholder? Reasons for Decision in Theory and Practice in the Ontario Works Program, Jennifer Raso
  • Corrective Justice, Coherence, and Kantian Right, Andrew Fell
  • Nothing to Hide, but Something to Lose, Ignacio N Cofone
  • Alan Brudner, The Owl and the Rooster: Hegel’s Transformative Political Science (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017), Thom Brooks, Durham Law School

Education & Law Journal, January 2020

  • Religion in Canadian Public Schools: Constitutionalized Anomalies, Diana Ginn, Javier García Oliva, Edward R. Lewis
  • Educator Malpractice: A Tort Whose Time Has Come?, David C. Young
  • Classroom Assessment, Court Cases, and Parental Demands from a Political Systems Perspective: It’s Black Outside the Box, Darryl Hunter, Paul Clarke
  • Graduate Students and Striking Employees: Two Roles, One Disciplinary Process, Emily Finnie
  • No Harm, No Foul in Sex Education: Can Statutory Protections Insulate Actors from Liability?, Lisa Bush
  • Reconciling Judicial Review, Parmbir Gill
  • Courts Miss an Opportunity to Rule on the Privacy Rights of Students Who Join Gay–Straight Alliances, Emily Lewsen

Intellectual Property Journal, December, 2019

  • From Start-Up to Scale-Up Innovation, Giuseppina (Pina) D’Agostino
  • Conflicted Regulation, the Public Interest and Canadian Patent Agency– Patent Agent Regulation at a Crossroads (Part I), Wissam Aoun
  • Having Enough: From Sufficiency to Non-Domination in International IP Law, Dr. Johan Rochel
  • Is the Sky Falling for the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Industry? A Case Study on the Impact of Canadian Copyright Law Reform on the Commercialization of Legal Technology Using Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Cameron McMaster

Canadian Journal of Law and Technology, December, 2019

  • Hiring Algorithms in the Canadian Private Sector: Examining the Promise of Greater Workplace Equality, Connor Bildfell
  • Technology, the Changing Nature of Disputes, and the Future of Equitable Principles in Canadian Contract Law, Conrad Flaczyk
  • Subverting Democracy to Save Democracy: Canada’s Extra-Constitutional Approaches to Battling “Fake News”, Michael Karanicolas
  • Flying under the Radar: Two Decades of DNA Testing at IRCC, Ida Ngueng Feze, Gabriel Marrocco, Miriam Pinkesz, Jacqueline Lacey, Yann Joly
  • Privacy Law Issues in Public Blockchains: An Analysis of Blockchain, PIPEDA, the GDPR, and Proposals for Compliance, Noah Walters
  • Developing a Privacy Code of Practice for Connected and Automated Vehicles,  Rajen Akalu
  • Ethical Hacking by Alana Maurushat (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2019), Laura Ellyson

 Journal of Environmental Law and Practice, December, 2019 

  • Funding Environmental Projects with Regulatory Prosecutions: Transparency and Accountability in Creative Environmental Sentencing, Shaun Fluker, Janice Paskey, Fiona L. Balaton
  • The Prairie Resilience: Myth or Reality?, Adebayo Majekolagbe
  • Canadian Public Trust Doctrine at Common Law: Requirements and Effectiveness, Vladislav Mukhomedzyanov