April 22, 2022 – Manitoba Government proclaims new Public Service Act
“The Manitoba Public Service Commission advises the Manitoba government has proclaimed the Public Service Act (PSA) to replace the Civil Service Act.

…the PSA provides a legislative framework for an ethical and effective public service for Manitoba by setting out fundamental values such as transparency, accountability, integrity and respect for others. It provides a modern and innovative approach to workforce management supported by a code of conduct and an action plan that strengthen the foundation for a dynamic public workforce.” More information can be found here.

May 2, 2022 – Manitoba government enacts accessible information and communication standard regulation
“The Accessible Information and Communication Standard Regulation is the third standard under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. It reduces barriers related to accessing information provided in print, in-person, on websites or in other formats. Standards have been put in place previously for accessible customer services and employment.” Read the full news release here.

Government Bills

2nd Reading

2 The Public Services Sustainability Repeal Act

7 The Police Services Amendment Act (Enhancing Independent Investigation Unit Operations)

8 The Court of Appeal Amendment and Provincial Court Amendment Act

15 The Drivers and Vehicles Amendment and Highway Traffic Amendment Act

16 The Financial Administration Amendment Act

17 The Family Law Act, The Family Support Enforcement Act and The Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders Amendment Act

18 The Legislative Security Amendment Act

19 The Beneficiary Designation (Retirement, Savings and Other Plans) Amendment Act

21 The Highway Traffic Amendment and Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act

23 The Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2022

26 The Officers of the Assembly Act (Various Acts Amended)

27 The Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Alternative Measures for Driving Offences)

29 The Mennonite College Federation Amendment Act

30 The Police Services Amendment and Law Enforcement Review Amendment Act

33 The Municipal Assessment Amendment and Municipal Board Amendment Act

34 The City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment and Planning Amendment Act

35 The Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months and Related Repeals and Amendments Act

In Commitee

31 The Minor Amendments and Corrections Act, 2022 (no amendments)

32 The Victims’ Bill of Rights Amendment Act (no amendments)

Private Bills


221 The Apprenticeship and Certification Amendment Act (Apprenticeship Supervision)The Apprenticeship and Certification Act. Currently, the number of apprentices a journeyperson may supervise is set by regulation. This Bill requires a 1 to 1 supervision ratio for most trades. A trade may continue to have a greater number of apprentices supervised by a journeyperson if a higher ratio is set by regulation for that trade before this Bill takes effect.

228 The Eating Disorders Awareness Week Act – proclaims February 1 to February 7 of each year as Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

229 The Transportation Infrastructure Amendment Act – amends The Transportation Infrastructure Act to add a requirement that the minister establish standards for clearing snow from provincial roads. These standards must meet the minimum requirements set out in a schedule to the Act and must be published.

230 The Budget Impact Reporting Act – establishes The Budget Impact Reporting Act. The Minister of Finance must report on the effects of the government’s budget decisions on economic and social inclusion and greenhouse gas emissions in Manitoba.                      

232 The Catalytic Converter Identification Act – requires a motor vehicle dealer to mark the vehicle identification number for every vehicle sold by the dealer on that vehicle’s catalytic converter. Amendments to Bill 9, The Scrap Metal Act, require scrap metal dealers who purchase a catalytic converter with a vehicle identification number on it to record that number and provide it to police and Manitoba Public Insurance.

233 The Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Amendment Act –  amends the Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Act with new responsibilities of the registrar, specifies scope of practice licensees, changes to continuing professional development, and appeals.

235 The Public Schools Amendment Act (Nutrition Programs) – amends The Public Schools Act to require the minister to report each year by school division and school district on the schools that provided a nutrition program during the previous fiscal year. The minister must table the report in the Assembly and make it available to the public.

2nd Reading

234 The Drug-Related Death Bereavement Day Act – proclaims the Sunday before Mother’s Day of every year as Drug-Related Death Bereavement Day, a day to reflect on the impact of drugs in Manitoba and to grieve those lost to drugs.

In Commitee

223 The Ukrainian Heritage Month Act – proclaims the month of September as Ukrainian Heritage Month

227 The Turban Day Act


ChapterTitle    (provisions)Date in forceDate signedProclamation
SM 2021, c. 48The Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2021 (section 5)1 Jun 202227 Apr 2022Proclamation
SM 2022, c. 7The Peak of the Market Reorganization Act (whole Act)20 Apr 202212 Apr 2022Proclamation

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