Scaffolding in the Great Library for repairs

Beginning on March 7th, repairs and replacements to the overhead lighting in the Great Library will begin and continue for several weeks.

There will be construction scaffolding erected starting in the south area near the entrance. There will be limited access during this initial phase of repairs. Access will improve as the project progresses north away from the entrance.

Access to books, computers, and work space will be restricted during this time. Please see staff if you require resources during this time.

Legislative Update March 2023


March 1, 2023 Manitoba Government Welcomes the Start of the Spring Legislative Session – The fifth session of the 42nd legislature began on March 1 at 1:30 p.m.

Government Bills

Fourth Session, 42nd Legislature


Bill 12 The Minor Amendments and Corrections Act, 2023This Bill corrects typographical, numbering and other drafting errors. It also makes minor amendments to various Acts and regulations.

Private Bills


Bill 221 The Fatality Inquiries Amendment Act (Overdose Death Reporting) – “This Bill amends The Fatality Inquiries Act to require the chief medical examiner to post a report on a government website setting out the number of drug overdose deaths in Manitoba for each month. The report must also identify the type of drug that is suspected of causing or contributing to each reported death.”

Bill 222 The Public Schools Amendment Act (Nutrition Programs) – “This Bill amends The Public Schools Act to require the minister to report each year by school division and school district on the schools that provided a nutrition program during the previous fiscal year. The minister must table the report in the Assembly and make it available to the public.”

For the status of all current bills click here.

Contents Update: Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal, Volume 42 Number 2

The latest edition of Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal has arrived and is now available for loan.

The February 2023 issue includes:

From the Law Reports:

Polly Storey, “Case Comment: Fuller v. Fuller (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 103.


Mitchell McInnes, “Unjust Enrichment and Trusts: Restitution and Indemnification in Law and Equity” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 108.

Dr. Arlin Pachet, John E.S. Poyser & Ryan H.K. Gorlick, “The Impact of Alcohol on Testamentary Capacity (Installment One — The Legal Picture)” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 140.

Emily Clough & Polly Storey, “Adult Guardianship in British Columbia” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 177.

Erin Lafuente & Harkirat Teja, “Adult Guardianships and Trusteeships in Alberta” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 193.

Kimberly Visram, “Guardianships of Property and of the Person in Saskatchewan” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 204.

Anita Southall and David Thiessen, “Appointment of Guardians for Incapable Adults in Manitoba” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 212.

Christina Shum, “Guardianship of Property and of the Person in Ontario” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 221.

Christopher J. Marr, “Guardianship Appointments in New Brunswick” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 228.

Sarah M. Almon, “Adult Representation in Nova Scotia” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 234.

Barbara E. Smith, K.C. & Sean R. Seviour, “Guardianship for Property and of the Person in Prince Edward Island” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 242.

Paul Coxworthy, “Guardianship for Property and of the Person in Newfoundland and Labrador” (2023) 42:2 E.T.P.J. 249.

Interested in an electronic copy? Law Society members are welcome to email us at for a PDF of the latest legal journal articles (subject to copyright regulations).

Supreme Court of Canada Notice

January 2023 – Electronic Filing Portal

The Supreme Court of Canada has developed an e-filing portal that will make it easier to file documents. The portal will be available on January 30, 2023 through a link on the Supreme Court of Canada website. 

The e-filing portal will be the primary method for filing the electronic version of a document, including documents that are required to be bound, notwithstanding Rule 19(1)(c).   The other provisions of Rule 19 continue to apply, including the requirement to file a print version of a document within five business days of the filing of the electronic version.

The portal cannot be used for the filing of sealed and confidential documents referred to in Rule 19.1.

If the portal cannot be used or if the person filing is unable to produce an electronic version of a document, instructions are available through the portal.

The Guidelines for Preparing Documents to be filed with the Supreme Court of Canada (Print and Electronic) have been updated.

The Notice to the Profession of August 2020 is no longer in effect.

For further information, please contact the Registry at 613-996-8666 or toll free at 1-844-365-9662, or by email at

Full notice and more information are available on the Supreme Court of Canada’s Website.