New Journals November 2022

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  • European Law Open (ELO) Vol. 1#1-3 (2022) Published by Cambridge University Press
  • Journal of Policy & Governance (JGP) Vols. 1-2#1 (2021-2022) Published by The Grassroots Institute
  • Law Review Vols. 1-12#1 (2011-2022) Published by Universul Juridic Publishing House
  • Legalities: The Journal of Law and Society in Australia and New Zealand Vols. 1-2#1 (2021-2022) Published by Edinburgh University Press for Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ)
  • Loyola University Chicago Journal of Regulatory Compliance (JRC) Vols. 1-8 (2016-2022)
  • Published by Loyola University Chicago School of Law
  • Yearbook of the Law Faculty in Sarajevo (Godisnjak Pravnog Fakulteta u Sarajevu) Vols. 1-64 (1953-2021) Published by University in Sarajevo, Faculty of Law

New issues of popular journals are out now. For a copy of any of these articles, following fair use rules, email us at for a pdf copy. Click on the journal title to see the full article titles.

Canadian Journal of Family Law

  • “The Influence of Landmark Judgments and Statutory Changes on the Family Litigation Explosion: A Citation Network Analysis” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 141 Joseph Hickey, Lyndsay Campbell, Jörn Davidsen
  • “The Children Parliament Left Behind: Examining the Inequity of Funding in An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 45 Rachel Garrett
  • “(Mis)Recognition of Customary Marriages: A Comparative Analysis of Canadian and South African Family Law” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 67 Corbin William Golding
  • “Psychological Abuse Claims in Family Law Courts in BC: Legal Applications and Gaps” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 1 Haya Sakakini
  • “A Gender-Based Approach to Historical Child Support: Comment on Colucci v Colucci” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 209 Jodi Lazare , Kelsey Warr
  • “Children’s Place and Voice in Quebec’s Child Protection Proceedings” 4 Can. J. Fam. L. 119 Mona Paré , Émilie De Bellefeuille
  • “La Fragilisation du Lien de Confiance au Sein de L’intervention Sociale en Protection de la Jeunesse: Peut-on Blâmer le Droit?” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 79 Marilyn Coupienne
  • “La Réception Au Québec Des Gestations Pour Autrui Délocalisées: La Filiation Post-Tourisme Procréatif En Mal D’institution” 34 Can. J. Fam. L. 1 Harith Al-Dabbagh

National Journal of Constitutional Law

  • “The Charter’s Federal Spine: Why Are Certain Charter Rights Immune from the Notwithstanding Clause?” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 169 Marion Sandilands, Danielle Bennett
  • “Challenging Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act: Migrant Farmworkers’ Health & the Right to Equality” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 131 Samuel Mazzuca
  • “The Cost of Inequality: A Commentary on the Most Recent Decision from the Federal Court in Canada’s Legal Battle Against First Nations Children” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 115 Véronique Bureau Mortimer, Widad Damou, Sarah-Claude L’Ecuyer, Laurie St-Pierre
  • “Les Droits Des Enfants Valent le Coût: Un Commentaire Sur la Plus Récente Décision de la Cour Fédérale Dans la Bataille Juridique du Canada Contre les Enfants Des Premières Nations” 43 Nat’l J. Const. L. 123 Véronique Bureau Mortimer, Widad Damou, Sarah-Claude L’Ecuyer, Laurie St-Pierre

Intellectual Property Journal

  • “Reflections on Thesis Writing” 35 I.P.J. 1 David Vaver
  • “Decoding DaVinci: A Novel Approach to Accountability and Liability for Medical Devices Operated through Artificial Intelligence Based on “AI Work Made for Hire” Model” 35 I.P.J. 37 Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, Jonathan Fenster
  • “The 14th Annual Sir Hugh Laddie Lecture Mr. Justice Laddie and His Intellectual Property Cases: Of Millefeuilles and a Fish Called Elvis” 35 I.P.J. 7 David Vaver
  • “Bill C-27, Proposed Amendments to Canada’s Federal Privacy Legislation Affecting Private Sector Organizations” 35 I.P.J. 71 Jennifer R. Davidson, Richard Austin, Anna Troshchynsky, Victoria Di Felice

Canada-United States Law journal

  • “Lunchtime Awards Ceremony”  46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 64 Honoring Mary Lynn Becker, Roy Norton
  • “Speaker Biographies” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 2
  • “Welcome And Opening Of The 45th CUSLI Annual Conference”  46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 12 Stephen J. Petras, Jr., Michael Scharf, Erika Chamberlain
  • “Canadian Distinguished Lecture” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 53 The Hon. Peter MacKay
  • “The Protection Of Environmental Law Under Nafta And Cusma: A Canadian Perspective” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 239 George Moshenski-Dubov
  • “United States Distinguished Lecture” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 67 James Dehart
  • “Tensions And Opportunity In Arctic Development And Stewardship”  46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 77 Jonathan Adler, Charles Doran, Rosemary McCarney, Martha Hall Findlay, Hugh Short
  • “14 Annual Canada-United States Law Institute Distinguished Lecture – American Backlash, Canadian Compromise: Are Canadians And Americans Converging Or Diverging?” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 119 Mr. Michael Adams, C.M.
  • “Google V Oracle: A Comment And A Call To Action” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 272 Justine Pileggi
  • “Indigenous Leadership On Climate Change And The Arctic” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 98 Wayne D. Garnons-Williams, Dalee Sambo Dorough, Heather Exner-Pirot, Kitty Gordon
  • “The Role Of The Law In Native Sovereignty: A Comparison Of Canadian And American Approaches To Sovereignty” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 253 Clare J. Soria
  • “The Arctic As Emerging Geopolitical Flashpoint” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 32 Robert Huebert, Michael Byers, Martin La Cour-Andersen, Rebecca Pincus, Jonathan Quinn
  • “Climate Change’s Profound Disruption Of The Arctic” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 16 Mike Sfagra, Hajo Eicken, Marcel Babin
  • “The View From The Border: A Comparative Analysis Of Securities Regulations For Cryptocurrencies In The United States And Canada” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 167 Rose Lewis “China’s Bri On The Polar Silk Road: Evolving Labor Agenda In The Arctic” 46 Can.-U.S. L.J. 138 Ronald C. Brown

McGill Law Journal

  • “Litigating Cross-Border Aboriginal Title Claims in Canada: The Possibility (and Necessity) of a Federal Legislative Response to Newfoundland and Labrador (Attorney General) v. Uashaunnuat (Innu of Uashat and of Mani-Utenam)” 67 McGill L.J. 207 Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre
  • “De la Fiducie de Données en Droit Civil Québécois: Étude Exploratoire Pour un Outil en Construction” 67 McGill L.J. 119 Anne-Sophie Hulin “Legal Pluralism and Analytical Jurisprudence: An Inapposite Contrast” 67 McGill L.J. 157 Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora
  • “Legal Pluralism and Analytical Jurisprudence: An Inapposite Contrast” 67 McGill L.J. 157 Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora
If you are looking for articles from other journals, library staff has access to the following titles.
  • African Journal of Legal Studies
  • Banking and Finance Law Review
  • Canadian Business Law Journal
  • Canadian Criminal Law Review
  • Canadian Family Law Quarterly
  • Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Society
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Technology
  • Copyright & New Media Law (f/k/a/ Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter)
  • Criminal Law Quarterly
  • Education and Law Journal
  • Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal
  • For the Defence; Newsletter of the Criminal Lawyers Association (Ont.)
  • Health Law Journal (Canada)
  • Health Law Review
  • HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review
  • Indigenous Law Journal
  • Insolvency Institute of Canada Articles
  • Intellectual Property Journal
  • Journal of Business Valuation
  • Journal of Environmental Law and Practice
  • Journal of International Law and International Relations
  • Journal of Law & Equality
  • Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law
  • Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers
  • National Journal of Constitutional Law
  • Resources: The Newsletter of the Canadian Institute of Resources Law| 
  • Revue de la common law en français
  • Revue VIH/sida, droit et politiques| 
  • The Advocates’ Journal (f/k/a The Advocates’ Society Journal)| 
  • The Advocates’ Quarterly
  • University of British Columbia Law Review| 
  • University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal
  • University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review
  • University of Toronto Law Journal
  • Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues

New Books and Journals Update

This month’s new additions include updated editions to some of our digital books, as well as new journal issues and articles.

These titles are available in our online library resources section for Law Society Member’s
vLex has updated their Irwin Law collection with two updated titles.

Criminal Law 8th ed. by Kent Roach

“The eighth edition of Criminal Law has been thoroughly updated to include new developments. It includes a detailed discussion of R v Brown striking down restrictions on the extreme intoxication defence and the likely parliamentary reply, and Parliament’s reply in Bill C-28. It also examines changes in jury selection upheld in R v Chouhan; important decisions on fault, such as R v Zora, R v Javanmardi, R v Chung, and R v Goforth; and assesses R v Cowan on parties. The discussion of sexual assault has been updated to take into account R v Barton and the possible implications of R v Morrison. The Supreme Court’s first decision under the amended self-defence provisions in R v Khill is reviewed. This new edition also has been revised to include important decisions from the Ontario and Nova Scotia Courts of Appeal on sentencing Black offenders, as well as the Supreme Court’s striking down of mandatory minimum fine surcharges and stacking of twenty-five-year periods of parole ineligibility.” -publisher

International Law, Doctrine, Practice, and Theory 3rd ed. By Craig Forcese

“The book includes introductory materials on the nature, history, and theory of international law from an international relations, as well as a legal, perspective. Carefully selected and edited primary materials — including treaties, UN documents, and cases — take readers to the very sources of the rules and principles that comprise modern international law. Extensive and critical commentary on, and analysis of, these primary materials guide the reader to an understanding of the rules, their strengths and weaknesses, and their place in the international legal system. Descriptions of contemporary real-world situations provide concrete context to the discussion.

Remarkable for both its depth and breadth, International Law: Doctrine, Practice, and Theory sets the standard for the study of international law in Canada. It also constitutes an invaluable reference collection for practitioners, judges, and scholars working in this ever-increasingly important area of modern law.” – publisher

Emond’s Criminal Law Series has also been updated with a new edition.

Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System, 2nd ed. by Jonathan Rudin

“The second edition contains a new chapter devoted to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the experiences of FASD-affected individuals in the Canadian Criminal Justice system. It also includes a practical review of the 2019 Final Reports by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and the Public Inquiry Commission on relations between Indigenous Peoples and certain public services in Québec: listening, reconciliation and progress. This bestseller also features expanded coverage of overrepresentation, sentencing, plea bargains, Gladue principles, and Charter challenges.” – publisher


New articles from the following journals are now available for Law Society members upon request. For a pdf copy of these or other legal journal articles email us at Click on the journal title to see full article titles.

Canadian Criminal Law Review vol. 26

  • “Scraping in Cyberspace: Police Entrapment in the Virtual World” 26 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 203 Mathew Zaia
  • “Defending the Castle: Search Incident to Arrest after R. v. Stairs” 26 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 227 Colton Fehr
  • “La Création D’un Tribunal Spécialisé en Matière de Violences Sexuelles et de Violence Conjugale au Québec: Vers une Meilleure Justice?” 26 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 269 Anne-Marie Boisvert
  • “Le Châtiment Corporel des Enfants: L’Article 43 n’a Plus sa Place en Droit Canadien” 26 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 241 Maya-Chahinez Oultache

Canadian Family Law Quarterly vol. 41

  • “”Put Bluntly”, We Need to Contemplate Polyamory” 41 C.F.L.Q. 99 Kelsey Beazer; Elizabeth Cameron; Samantha Simpson
  • “Torts and Family Law: What’s New, What’s Old and How To Use” It 41 C.F.L.Q. 23 Mary Jo Maur
  • “Moving Towards a Post-Pandemic “New Normal”: Perspectives of Ontario Family Justice Professionals and Self-Represented Litigant” 41 C.F.L.Q. 1 Claire Houston; Rachel Birnbaum; Nicholas Bala
  • “A Look at Recent Developments in the Law of Contempt” 41 C.F.L.Q. 77 Katherine Cooligan; Brad Yaeger

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice vol. 35

  • “Case Comment: Law Society of Saskatchewan v. Abrametz.” Fredrick Schumann. 35 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 385.
  • “Vavilov, Reasonableness Review and Logic.” Louis Guilbault. 35 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 287.
  • “Citizenship Revocation in Canada: Dialogue or Defiance?” Ben Lerer, Alex Bogach. 35 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 253.
  • “Jurisdiction and Access to Justice: An Analysis of Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario-Issued Notices of Intent to Dismiss.” Frank Nasca. 35 Can. J. Admin. L. 253.
  • “The Law Society of Ontario’s Duty to Accommodate Mental Disability: Toward a Distinct Regulatory Approach.” David LeMesurier. 35 Can. J. Admin. L. & Prac. 325.

Education and Law Journal vol. 31

  • “The Many Faces of Educational “Choice”: Student Autonomy, Parental Rights, and the “Choice in Education” Threat.” Ned Lecic, Marvin A. Zuker. 31 Educ. & L.J. 83.
  • “At the Intersection of Fairness and Rights: The Ombudsman’s Administrative Oversight of Education in Ontario.” Jean-Frédéric Hübusch. 31 Educ. & L.J. 139.
  • “Ontario’s Teacher-Certification Math Test Unconstitutional Due to Disproportionate Negative Effect on Racialized Candidates.” Max Halparin. 31 Educ. & L.J. 201.
  • “Quebec’s Laicity Act, Teacher, and Dress Codes in Canadian Case Law: Introspection before Legal Action.” Darryl Hunter, Paul Clarke. 31 Educ. & L.J. 169.
  • “Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Rules on Reassignment Grievance at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.” Simone Truemner-Caron. 31 Educ. & L.J. 209.
  • “Mandatory Vaccination in Toronto Schools.” Rebecca Meharchand. 31 Educ. & L.J. 2015.
  • “A Class Complaint Forces the Vancouver School Board to Respond to Charges of Systemic Anti-Black Racism.” Max Halparin. 31 Educ. & L.J. 223.

Intellectual Property Journal vol. 34

  • Book review – Law and Reputation: How the Legal System Shapes Behavior by Producing Information, Roy Shapira (Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2020) 34 I.P.J. 227 Aviv Gaon

Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law vol. 16

  • “Notable Case Law Concerning Legislative Bodies and Their Members.” Melanie J. Mortensen. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 753.
  • “Review of: Behind Closed Doors: The Law and Politics of Cabinet Secrecy by Yan Campagnolo (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2021).” Andrew Flavelle Martin. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 771.
  • “How Political Law Enables Authoritarian Opportunity: The Transition to Federalism in Nepal.” Jena Karim. 16. J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 663.
  • “Attorney General v. Latu, [2021] WSCA 6 (23 July 202) The Court of Appeal of Samoa Has Upheld Democracy, the Rule of Law and the Constitution, by Ending a 15-Week Political Impasse.” Gavin Murphy. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 747.
  • “Review of: Laws of the Constitution Consolidated by Donald F. Bur (Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2020).” J.W.J. Bowden. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. 779.
  • “Law Society of Ontario v. Ghadmari 2021 ONLSTH 45, [2021] LSDD 64 [Ghamari].” Andrew Flavelle Martin. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 735.
  • “What Would Aristotle Say?” Gregory Tardi. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 591.
  • “Money, Pavement and PEP: Assessing Canada’s New Pre-Election Rules on Third Party Spending.” Dr. Cristine de Clercy, Valere Gaspard. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 607.
  • “Can Inmates in Canada’s Penal Institutions Vote? A Transnational Perspective.” Anna Grundmark. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 685.
  • “Votes for Women: An Indispensable Step Toward Equality.” Erin Curtis. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 713.
  • “The Role of Attorney General and Minister of Justice; The Perspective of an Informed Citizen.” Dawn McKevitt. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 703.
  • “Alert! On the Formation of a Democratic Government / Alerte! De la Formation D’un Gouvernement Démocratique.”  16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 567.
  • “The Public Nature of Ministerial Tasks: Mandate Letters before the Supreme Court of Canada.” James L. Turk. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 601.
  • ““Ukraine—Crucifixion”: The First-Ever Stationary Exhibition on the Ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War.” Dmytro Hainetdinov.
  • “Lé Fédéralisme Coopératif et les Administrations Publiques au Canada : Terminologies, Modalités, Métaphores.” Dave Guénette. 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L.

McGill Journal of Law and Health vol. 15

  • “The Best Interest of the Child and the Limits of Parental Autonomy to Refuse Vaccination” 15 McGill J. L. & Health 65 Alison Braley-Rattai
  • “A Roadmap for Change: International Strategies for Improving End-of-Life Care” 15 McGill J. L. & Health 119 Daphne Gilbert

University of Toronto Law Journal vol. 72

  • “Of Linchpins and Bedrock: Hope, Despair, and Pragmatism in Animal Law” 72 U. Toronto L.J. 468 Jessica Eisen
  • “Heritage Preservation Easements, Urban Property, and Heritage Law: Exploring Canadian Common Law and Civil Law Tools for Responding to International Cultural Preservation Frameworks for Cities” 72 U. Toronto L.J. 436 Sara Gwendolyn Ross
  • “The Death of Law? Computationally Personalized Norms and the Rule of Law” 72 U. Toronto L.J. 373 Timothy Endicott , Karen Yeung
  • “The Judicial Review of Legality”  72 U. Toronto L.J. 403 Natalie R Davidson , Leora Bilsky

New Journals Issues

New articles from the following journals are now available for Law Society members upon request. For a pdf copy of these or other legal journal articles email us at

Estate Trusts & Pensions Journal

  • “Pour-Over Wills Revisited: A Case Comment on MacCallum” Timothy C. Matthews 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 345
  • “Pour-Over Will Clauses: Do Ontario Lawyers Now Need to Pore over Their Will Precedents? A Case Comment on Vilenski v. Weinrib-Wolfman” Ian Lebane 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 351
  • “Playing It Safe: How to Proceed as Executor when a Will May Be Invalid” Suzana Popovic-Montag 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 360
  • “Incapable and Capable Rights: The Rights of Adults in Vulnerable Circumstances–Sledgehammer v. Swiss Army Knife” M. Jasmine Sweatman 41 Est. Tr. & Pensions J. 385

University of Toronto Law Journal

  • “Popular Sovereignty and Constitutional Democracy.” Philip Pettit. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 251.
  • “The City in the Constitutional Imagination.” Martin Loughlin. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 356.
  • “Giving Reasons as a Means to Enhance Compliance with Legal Norms.” Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir, et al. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 316.
  • “On the Breach: Identifying Infringements of Section 35 Rights.” Kerry Wilkins. 72 U. Toronto L.J. 287.

The Advocates’ Journal

  • “Look back” 41 Adv J No. 1, 3
  • “Classics from the vault: Factum writing” Ian Scott 41 Adv J No. 1, 7 – 10
  • “Litigation is battle: A metaphor to rethink” Anna S. P. Wong 41 Adv J No. 1, 12 – 17
  • “Controlling adverse and hostile witnesses” Madison Robins 41 Adv J No. 4, 18 – 20
  • “Enforcing Limitations of Liability in Quebec: A Six-Step Analysis” Michael Shortt 41 Adv J No. 1, 24 – 33
  • “La caractère exécutoire des limitations de responsabilité au Québec : une analyse en six étapes” 41 Adv J No. 1, 25 – 33
  • “Reflections: Walter Williston, Arthur Lucas, and Me” Michael Shortt 41 Adv J No. 1, 35 – 37
  • “Time for Time-Limited Trials” Kevin LaRoche and David Salter 41 Adv J No. 1, 38 – 41
  • “Unravelling the Mystery of the False Light Tort” Justin Safayeni and Yadesha Satheaswaran 41 Adv J No. 1, 42 – 44

Queen’s Law Journal

  • “Hearsay And Its Limits In Extradition Proceedings: Is the Use Of Supplementary Records of the Case to Rebut Allegations of Misconduct Constitutional?” Stacey M. Purser 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 1 – 29
  • “Post-Bedford: Judicial Variance In Applying Canada’s New Sex Work Regime” Elisa Carbonaro 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 30 – 69
  • “Intangible Justice? Intellectual Property Disputes and Canadian Small Claims Courts” Anthony Rosborough & Reagan Seidler 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 70 – 98
  • “Local Code: Subsidiarity And The Canadian Criminal Jury” Michael Plaxton 47:2 Queen’s L.J. 99 – 127

Canadian Journal of Law and Society

  • “Ethics and Confidentiality: Reflections and Lessons Learned Post-Parent and Bruckert v R and Magnotta” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 187
  • “The Attorney General, Politics, and the Public Interest: Contributions to an Evolving Constitutional Convention” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 209
  • “Pouvoir Normatif et Crise Sanitaire à la Lumière du Droit Tunisien” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 229
  • “The Elusive Quest for French on the Bench: Bilingualism Scores for Canadian Supreme Court Justices, 1985-2013 37” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 249
  • “Coming in from the Cold: Canada’s National Housing Strategy, Homelessness, and the Right to Housing in a Transnational Perspective” 37No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 273
  • “Responding to Regulatory Barriers to “Ethical Meat”: Are On-Farm Slaughter Exemptions the Solution?” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 295
  • “Legalizing Illegal Mass Surveillance: A Transnational Perspective on Canada’s Legislative Response to the Expansion of Security Intelligence” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 317
    • Book reviews
    • “Sara Ahmed: Complaint! Durham: Duke University Press, 2021. 376 pp.” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 34
    • “Grégory Salle: Qu’est-Ce Que le Crime Environnemental? Paris: Seuil, Coll. Anthropocène, 2022, 288 P.” 37 No. 2 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 343

Canadian Journal of Law and Technology

  • “Let the Machines Do the Dirty Work: Social Media, Machine Learning Technology and the Iteration of Racialized Surveillance” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 1 Subhah Wadhawan
  • “Technologies of Servitude Understanding Firmware TPMs as Interests in Personal Property” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 39 Anthony D. Rosborough
  • “From Nyan Cat to NFTs: Determining How Canada’s Cultural Property Export and Import Act Applies to Digital Works” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 73 Mitchel Fleming, J.D., B.C.L., B.Mus.
  • “Officially Obsolete? A Critical Examination of the Canadian Official Marks Regime and Its Waning Relevancy in Trademark Law” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 91 Maddison Tebbutt
  • “Delineating the Legal Framework for Data Protection: A Fundamental Rights Approach or Data Propertization?” 20 Can. J. L. & Tech. 23 Efe Lawrence Ogbeide

Criminal Law Quarterly

  • “Notes and Comments” 70 C.L.Q. 424 Kent W. Roach
  • “Pathways to Police Adoption of Body and Dash Cameras in Canada: How and Why Parliament Should Intervene” 70 C.L.Q. 429 Robert Diab and Marshall Putnam
  • “Steven Truscott and the Frailty of the Criminal Process” 70 C.L.Q. 460 Martin L. Friedland
  • “You Have the Right to Be Read Something That You Probably Won’t Understand: Comprehensibility of the Right to Counsel” 70 C.L.Q. 485 Meryl Friedland and Dr. Andrew Haag
  • “A Person, by Any Other Name” 70 C.L.Q. 509 Michael Johnston
  • “Who Will Prosecute The Prosecutors? On the Need for Our Law Societies to Discipline Crown Attorneys, Failing Crown Culture, and Wrongful Convictions” 70 C.L.Q. 529 Nick Kaschuk
  • “Trouble for Starting Points?” 70 C.L.Q. 545 Paul L. Moreau
  • “In the Aftermath of R. v. Anthony-Cook: A Study of the Effects of the Supreme Court’s Decision on Ontario’s Public Interest Test for the Rejection of a Joint Submission on Sentence (2012-2021)” 70 C.L.Q. 552 Robert H. Tanha

Insolvency Institute of Canada Articles

  • “Solvency and Sustainability — ESG Risks and Considerations in Canadian Insolvencies” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-10
  • “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Sealing Orders and the Impact of the Sherman Estates Decision on Insolvency Law” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-9
  • “Beyond Bluberi — Practical and International Perspectives on Litigation Funding” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-2
  • “Canadian Debt — Our Next Pandemic? Restructuring & Insolvency Implication of Canada’s Debt Burden Insolvency” Institute of Canada (Articles) I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-3
  • “The Pandemic — An Unconventional Review of Where We Are and Where We Should Go From Here” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-11
  • “If You Stop Building It, What Will Come? Construction and Real Estate Development Restructurings: A Discussion of Key Issues and Approaches in Recent Proceedings” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-5
  • “Insolvency at Sea: Interplay between Insolvency and Admiralty Jurisprudence” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-6
  • “CCAA Supplier Protection: A System in Need of Reform — A Critical Perspective on the Current Framework Guiding the Relationship Between Post-CCAA Filing Suppliers and Debtor Companies” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-4
  • “To Approve or Not Approve — That is the Question: The Court’s Discretion when Considering to Approve an Asset Sale in the Absence of a Court-Approved Sales Process” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-12
  • “A Principled Approach to Monitor Investigations” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-1
  • “Letters Of Credit — Has the Ontario Court of Appeal Provided Clarity or Caused More Confusion on Letters of Credit?” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-7
  • “Shared Liabilities in Insolvency Proceedings — Analysis and Considerations” I.I.C. Art. Vol. 11-8

Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers

  • “Preface” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. v
  • “Cumulative Impact Claims: Not Just Another Delay Claim” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 1
  • “Time Is up: Mandating Municipal Green Construction Initiatives in Canada” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 111
  • “Integrating Third-Party Interests in Major Infrastructure Projects: A Real Test to Contractual Risk Sharing” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 157
  • “Certainty Certainly Is a Good Thing: The Interpretation and Object of the British Columbia Builders Lien Act” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 33
  • “Has the Music Stopped?–Public Access to Construction Arbitration Decisions in Canada” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 91
  • “Amending Lien Legislation–Renovate or Rebuild” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 43
  • “P3 Concession Agreements–Risks and Rewards” 2022 J. Can. C. Construction Law. 127

July Journals and Newest Issues

New articles from the following journals are now available for Law Society members upon request. For a pdf copy of these or other legal journal articles email us at

Canadian Criminal Law Review

  • “Scraping In Cyberspace: Police Entrapment In The Virtual World” Mathew Zaia  26 Can. Crim. L. Rev. 203

Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence. vol. 35

  • “Philosophy of Law as an Integral Part of Philosophy: Essays on the Jurisprudence of Gerald J. Postema, Edited by Thomas Bustamante and Thiago Lopes Decat.” Richard Bronaugh. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 559.
  • “Legal Realism and ‘Working’ Rules.” David Frydrych. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 321.
  • “Exploring the Notion of Necessity in Essentialist Legal Theory.” Ziyu Liu. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 427.
  • “Justice in Transactions, Peter Benson.” Jennifer Nadler. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 565.
  • “Corporate Law and Governance Pluralism.” Leon Anidjar. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 283.
  • “Don’t Feel Threatened by Law.” Lucas Miotto. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 487.
  • “Express Trusts, Private Law Theory, and Legal Concepts.” Duncan Sheehan. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 511.
  • “Unilateral Acquisition and the Requirements of Freedom: A Kantian Account of the Judicial Exceptions to Patent Protection.” Ian McMillan. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 459.
  • “Linking Gains to Wrongs.” Maytal Gilboa. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 365.
  • “That’s None of Your Business!” Matthew Lister. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 405.
  • “Property and Self-Determination.” James Penner. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 537.
  • “Contract as Transfer of Ownership, Even without Consideration.” Zackary Goldford. 35 Can. J.L. & Juris. 385.

Criminal Law Quarterly. vol. 70

  • “Some Possible Parliamentary Responses to Brown.” Kent W. Roach. 70 C.L.Q. 331.
  • “The Virtual Court and the Presence of the Accused.” Judge Wayne Gorman. 70 C.L.Q. 397.
  • “Notes and Comments.” Kent W. Roach. 70 C.L.Q. 335.
  • “Pandemic Exposes Systemic Problems in Ontario’s Provincial Offences Court.” Norm Keith. 70 C.L.Q. 378.
  • “Virtual Spaces, Real Problem: the Conundrum of Privacy in Undercover Communications.” 70 C.L.Q. 365. Jeanette Gevikoglu.

McGill Journal of Law and Health. vol. 14.

  • “A Reflection on the Duty to Warn after Letourneau v JTI-MacDonald: A Future for Obesity Litigation in Canada?” Jacob J. Shelley. 14 McGill J.L. & Health 89.

Saskatchewan Law Review

  • “The Judgments of the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan, 2019 and 2020” Michelle Biddulph , William Lane 85 Sask. L. Rev. 1
  • “Unresolved Issues after Vavilov” Paul Daly 85 Sask. L. Rev. 89
  • “Juries Today” Justice Sheilah Martin 85 Sask. L. Rev. 119

Book Reviews

    • “Law and Neurodiversity: Youth with Autism and the Juvenile Justice Systems in Canada and the United States by Dana Lee Baker, Laurie A. Drapela & Whitney Littlefield. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2020. 246 Pp., $32.95 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 143 Barbara Baker
    • “Human Rights after Corporate Personhood: An Uneasy Merger? Edited by Jody Greene & Sharif Youssef. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2020. 344 Pp., $84.00 Hc.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 145 Tim Haggstrom
    • “Sex Industry Slavery: Protecting Canada’s Youth by Robert Chrismas. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2020. 296 Pp., $42.95 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 148 Drew Ikert
    • “Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future? Edited by Colleen M. Flood & Bryan Thomas. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2020. 348 Pp., $39.95 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 151 Sophia Lagimodiere
    • “Online Courts and the Future of Justice by Richard Susskind, Revised Ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021. 400 Pp., $12.95 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 153 Liam McDonald
    • “Debating Rights Inflation in Canada: A Sociology of Human Rights by Dominique Clément. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2018. 174 Pp., $19.99 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 156 Megan Ripplinger
    • “The Death of a Butterfly: Mental Health Court Diaries by Richard D. Schneider. Toronto: Delve Books, 2019. 252 Pp., $29.95 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 159 Caroline Seshadri “An Introduction to University Governance by Cheryl Foy. Toronto: Irwin Law, 2021. 236 Pp., $40.00 Pb.” 85 Sask. L. Rev. 161 Éric Turcotte

HeinOnline Journals

These journals are now available electronically on Heinonline in the online library resources.

For a full list of journals and help with searching on Heinonline see this LibGuide.

Current Awareness – New Journals and Issues

The most recent issues of these journals are now available on Lexis Advance Quicklaw. If you are interested in one of these titles, or any other journal articles, email us for a pdf copy.

Canadian Family Law Quarterly

  • Access and Openness in Ontario: A Legal Analysis of How Children’s Important Relationships can be Maintained 40 C.F.L.Q. 219 Jennifer Gallagher; Elizabeth McCarty; Ian Ross
  • Jurisdiction Issues Facing Ontario Courts 40 C.F.L.Q. 295 Vanessa Lam
  • Separation Date Principles and Assessment Guide 40 C.F.L.Q. 335 David Frenkel; Yunjae Kim

Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law

  • The Origins of the Caretaker Convention: Governor General Lord Aberdeen’s Dismissal of Prime Minister Tupper in 1896 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 391 J.W.J. Bowden
  • Including Emerging Litigation Comprenant les Litiges en Voie de Développement 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 537 Gregory Tardi
  • Review of: The Rowell-Sirois Commission and the Remaking of Canadian Federalism by Robert Wardhaugh and Barry Ferguson (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2021) 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 561 David M. Brock
  • Moving Toward Gender Balance in Public Life 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 349 Gregory Tardi

See more

  • Lambourne v. Attorney General, [2021] KIHC 8 High Court of Kiribati 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 531 Gavin Murphy
  • Speeches of Some of the Candidates for the Position of Speaker of the 44th House of Commons: Improvements Necessary for a Sounder Parliament, Monday, November 22 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 355
  • Glover v. Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba: Courts Deferential in Reviewing Internal Party Affairs–Even when They’re “Contracts” 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 521 Professor Gerard J. Kennedy
  • Rethinking the Official Languages Act 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 361 Stephen Thompson
  • “Guesswork Is a Poor Foundation for Democracy” The Principled Lesson of the Case of Mitchell v. Jackman 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 513 Allison S. Conway
  • Democratic Election Alert! Alerte! D’Une Élection Démocratique 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 318
  • The Impact of Litigation on Public Policy 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 445 Hugh Trenchard
  • The Resignation of Overseas Judges from Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal–Should We Worry? 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 485 Horace Yeung
  • The Supreme Court of Nigeria Decision in Re: Abdullahi Re-Echoing Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium: A Shield and a Sword 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 471 David Tarh-Akong Eyongndi
  • The Criminal Sanction of Violence Toward Healthcare Workers 16 J. Parliamentary & Pol. L. 497 Dawn McKevitt

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice

  • Mapping Racial Geographies of Violence on the Colonial Landscape 38 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 1 Ingrid Waldron
  • The Consequences of Unfreedom: Learning from Story Amidst a Global Climate Crisis38 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 30 Meghan Robinson
  • Incomplete Justice: The Costs of Partial Indemnity 38 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 46 Adil Abdulla
  • Integrating Social Work within Legal Clinics: An Inter-Professional Perspective to Address Social-Legal Needs 38 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 10 Alicia Lam, Vanessa Emery, Renee Griffin, Michael Saini
  • “A So-Called Tenants’ Union”: Defining the Organizational Power of Tenants within and Outside the Law 38 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 75 Seema Shafei

Supreme Court Law Review vol. 105 Forgotten Foundations of The Canadian Constitution

Forgotten Foundations of the Canadian Constitution: An Introduction – Brian Bird & Derek Ross (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 1 – 11

Special Essay

  •  The Forgotten Roots of Canada’s Living Tree: Constitutional Interpretation and the Rule of Law – The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C. (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 15 – 36

 Part I – First Principles: The Supremacy of God and The Rule of Law

  •  God in the Constitution: The Supremacy of God Clause in the Preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Dwight Newman, Q.C. (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 39 – 56
  •  The First Division of Power: State Authority and the Preamble to the Charter – John Sikkema (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 67 – 93
  •  The Rule of Law in Judicial Review Today – Mark Mancini (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 95 – 118

See more

 Part II – Limiting and Delimiting Charter Rights and Freedoms

  •  Resetting the Foundations: Renewing Freedom of Expression under Section 2(b) of the Charter – Jamie Cameron (2022) (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 121 – 151
  •  Pluralism and Freedom from Assimilation: A Foundation for a “Free and Democratic Society” – Derek Ross (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 153 – 188
  •  The Truck and the Brakes: Understanding the Charter’s Limitations and Notwithstanding Clauses Symmetrically – Geoffrey T. Sigalet (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 189 – 222

 Part III – The Charter’s Underexplored “General” Clauses

  •  Unchartered Rights and the Free and Democratic Society – Brian Bird (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 225 – 246
  •  “The Rights Retained By The People”: The Implications of the Ninth Amendment for the Interpretation of Section 26 of the Charter – Matthew P. Harrington (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 247 – 283
  •  All the Voices of Religious Freedom – Blair Major (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 285 – 321
  •  Section 31 and the Charter’s Unexplored Constraints on State Power – André Schutten and Tabitha Ewert (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 322 – 354

Part IV – The Foundational Role of Constitutional History

  •  Applied Legal History and the Principled Way Forward to the Recognition of Implied Fundamental Rights – Ryan Alford (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 359 – 393
  •  Bringing About a Reformation? Religious Freedom and Canadian Constitutionalism, 1759-1774 – Kristopher E.G. Kinsinger (2022) 105 S.C.L.R. (2d) 395 – 417

HeinOnline Journals

These journals are available electronically in the online library resources.

The June content update includes 11 new titles, including 6 from the recent addition of Springer Journals.

ET&P and Digital Journals Update

The latest edition of Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal has arrived and is now available for loan.

This month’s Articles

  • “Propounding a Will Under Attack: The Role of the Personal Representative in Estate Litigation” Suzana Popovic-Montag and Nick Esterbauer
  • “Determining Beneficial Title to Joint Bank Accounts “Whitelock, Stock & Barrel?” A Comparative Analysis of the Treatment of Bank Account Agreements & Survivorship Clauses in Canadian Commonwealth Estates Law” Calvin Hancock and Ryan Mulders
  • “A Broad View of the Law on Disclaimers, Renunciation and Other Forms of Divestment” Justin Fekete

We can also email pdf copies of the latest law journals for Law Society Members. For a copy of these or other legal journal articles email us at

Canadian Journal of Law and Society. Vol. 37.

  • “Marginal Citizens: Interracial Intimacies and the Incarceration of Japanese Canadians, 1942-1949.” Mary Anne Vallianatos. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 49.
  • “Not Worth the Wait: Why the Long-Awaited Regulations under the AHRA Don’t Address Egg Donor Concerns.” Kathleen Hammond. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 113.
  • “Police Violence as Organizational Crime.” Sylvia Rich. 37
  • “Non-Association Conditions among Release Women: Implications for Successful Community Reintegration.” Laura McKendy, Rosemary Ricciardelli. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 135.
  • “Public Support for Canadian Courts: Understanding the Roles of Institutional Trusts and Partisanship.” Erin Crandall, Andrea Lawlor. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 91.
  • “The Conceptual Problems Arising from Legal Pluralism.” Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 155.
  • “Unbreaking Bail?: Post-Antic Trends in Bail Outcomes.” Rachel Schumann, Carolyn Yule. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 1.
  • “Le Contrôle Excessif dans le Contexte des Violences Basées sur L’Honneur au Québec: Analyse Juridique et Jurisprudentielle D’Une Violence Genrée.” Dr. Estibaliz Jimenez. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 69.
  • Book Reviews
    • “Diamond Ashiagbor, Ed., Re-Imagining Labour Law for Development: Informal Work in the Global North and South. Oxford: Hart/Bloomsbury, 2019. 274 pp.” Ania Zbyszewska. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 184.
    • “Sanja Kutnjak Ivković, Shari Seidman Diamond, Valerie P. Hans, and Nancy S. Marder, eds., Juries, Lay Judges, and Mixed Courts: A Global Perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2021. 366 pp.” Jérémy Boulanger-Bonnelly. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 179.
    • “Louis Fournier, FLQ, Histoire d’un Mouvement Clandestin. Montréal: VLB Éditeur, 2020. 369 pp.” Nicolas Desurmont. 37 No. 1 Can. J.L. & Soc’y 181.

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice. Vol. 37.

  •  “Measuring Improvement in Access to Justice: Utilizing an A2J Measurement Framework for Comparative Justice Data Collection and Program Evaluation Across Canada.” Brea Lowenberger, et al. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 337.
  • “Sex Workers and the Best Interest of Their Children: Issues Faced by Sex Workers Involved in Custody and Access Legal Proceedings.” Julie E. DeWolf. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 312.
  • “Practising an Anti-Colonial Citizenship Education through a Blended Learning Course on Aboriginal Law.” Sean Robertson. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 377.
  • “Access to Justice as a Social Determinant of Health: The Basis for Reducing Health Disparity and Advancing Health Equity of Marginalized Communities.” Sunam Jassar. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 359.
  • “The Legal Regulation of Sadomasochism and the So-Called “Rough Sex Defence”.” Elaine Craig. 37 Windsor Y.B. Access to Just. 402.

Criminal Law Quarterly. Vol 70.

  •  “The February Emergency: Intelligence, Policing and Governance Failures and the Future of Charter-Proofed Emergencies.” Kent Roach. 70 C.L.Q. 196.
  • “Using an Anti-Money Laundering Terrorist Finance Approach to Harness a Convoy.” Michelle Gallant. 70 C.L.Q. 292.
  • “Policing Protest via the Civil Law: Class Actions, Injunctions, and the ‘Freedom Convoy’.” Irina Ceric and Jasminka Kalajdzic. 70 C.L.Q. 247.
  • “‘Not in the Cards’: The Non-Use of the Canadian Armed Forces in the 2022 Public Order Emergency.” Tyler Wentzell. 70 C.L.Q. 310.
  • “The Real Lesson of the Freedom Convoy ‘Emergency’: Canada Needs a Public Order Policing Act.” Robert Diab. 70 C.L.Q. 230.
  • “Invoking the Emergencies Act in Response to the Truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’: What the Act Requires, How the Government Justified the Invocations, and Whether It Was Lawful.” Leah West, et al. 70 C.L.Q. 262.

University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review. Vol. 80.

  •  “Is There a Selection Effect in Canadian Administrative Law?” Devan Schafer. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 73.
  • ““Reviewing Our Peers”: Evaluating the Legitimacy of the Canadian Jury Verdict in Criminal Trials.” Nik Khakhar. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 42.
  • “Rethinking Winnipeg Condo as Negligent Performance of a Service: A Rights-Based Account.” Benjamin Zolf. 80 U.T. Fac. L. 97.
  • “Canadian Litigation for Violations of Customary International Law: Questions Remaining after Nevsun v. Araya.” Jeremy Zullow. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 122.
  • “Escaping the Shadow of Partnership: A New Framework for Distinguishing Contractual Joint Ventures from Joint Venture Partnerships.” Branden Cave. 80 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 9.

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